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Signifyd to Host First Bay Area “Payment Fraud Meetup,” Featuring Noam Naveh

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To drive inclusive conversations with experts in our field, Signifyd is hosting our first “Payment Fraud Meetup” in the Bay Area for professionals with online payment fraud expertise. We’re extending this invite to all industry professionals, including  merchants, payment processors and solution providers. Our goal is to create a venue that’s simply perfect for meeting fellow payment risk professionals, exchanging stories, insights and best practices in the war against online fraudsters. Join this expert discussion in a friendly environment ‘powered’ by snacks and drinks at Signifyd’s headquarters.

Noam NavehOn June 8, we’re hosting industry veteran and ex-PayPal expert Noam Naveh as he shares his thoughts on Machine Learning and Human Teaching: How fraud prevention development requires a good collaboration between people and models.

Join us to further your learning and to help raise questions that will help us all learn together.

Noam Naveh is a well-respected industry veteran and thought leader in online fraud prevention. With over 13 years of experience tackling online fraudsters, Noam started his career at Fraud Sciences based in Israel where he was in charge of hiring, training and running a team of highly skilled fraud analysts of. The analytic methodology that Noam oversaw was later translated into a best-of-breed automatic fraud prevention system, which led to the company being acquired by PayPal. At PayPal Noam transitioned to global Risk Management department where he was working on technology infrastructure, statistical modeling, real-time decisioning, and data sources. Since 2012 Noam is running an independent consulting firm specializing in Online Payment & Identity Fraud Prevention. In that capacity he helped organizations like Flint Mobile, StubHub, Akamai, oDesk (Elance) and Deutsche Telekom HBS deal with the operational, technological and organizational aspects of fraud risk management.

Eventbrite - Payment Fraud Meetup: Machine Learning and Human Teaching


Sourabh Kothari

Sourabh Kothari

Sourabh is the former Director of Merchant Advocacy at Signifyd, where he brought over 18 years of experience defining, designing and delivering content through stories, events and video.