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Signifyd named one of the best places to work in the Bay Area

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Last year we were completely surprised when we were named one of the Bay Area’s Best Places to Work in the “Smallest” (1-49 employees) company category. So much has changed since then so we kept our expectations low when we entered the contest again this year, as we would now be competing in the “Small” (50-99 employees) company category due to our growth. When the results were announced, we were thrilled as we were named in this category for 2017 and we’re so very grateful to all our employees who submitted responses to the survey sent out by the San Francisco Business Times and Silicon Valley Business Journal.

Our employees, customers, investors and partners have helped Signifyd become the world’s largest provider of Guaranteed Fraud Protection in just a few short years and we are still one of the only examples of machine learning technology backed by a financial guarantee – a combination some thought would never be possible just a few short years ago. But what makes Signifyd one of the Best Places to Work in the Bay Area is the transparency, autonomy and desire to innovate that every leader shares with his/her team. We’ve been called “the most honest company I’ve ever worked for” by our employees and most of our new hires have come from referrals, which we believe is a testament to employee satisfaction.

Most of us lead busy lives and thus we value the flexibility Signifyd provides for us to work how and where we want. Signifyd was “born in the cloud” and is led by 2 innovative and energetic co-founders. Employees are encouraged to not only work where they perform best but also to proactively suggest what they want to do. We’re not tied down to the job we started with and there are numerous examples of people moving between departments, which may help explain our very low churn rate. To ensure employees are performing at their best, Signifyd offers Unlimited Time Off, Extended Paternity and Maternity Leave, multiple Healthcare options, Free Lunches, Onsite Fitness Center and dedicated Play and Rest Areas.

As a rule, management is kept to a minimum at Signifyd and most departments are very flat, with one or a few designated leaders. Transparency is a requirement in every aspect of work at Signifyd as things move fast and market conditions and technological possibilities can change quickly. Every employee is expected to be trained extensively and then trusted to do their job independently. This allows us to work in dynamic teams and to work across departments effortlessly because everyone at Signifyd is approachable.

Being named one of the Best Places to Work in the Bay Area is an honor, but it also puts pressure on us for next year as we have already outgrown the “Small” company category. So we’re keeping our fingers crossed as we hope to compete in the “Midsize” (100-249 employees) company category next year.





Sourabh Kothari

Sourabh Kothari

Sourabh is the former Director of Merchant Advocacy at Signifyd, where he brought over 18 years of experience defining, designing and delivering content through stories, events and video.