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Announcing our new Developer Tools for a stress-free integration experience with Signifyd’s Commerce Protection Platform

We’re excited to release Signifyd’s Developer Tools — a suite of web tools and resources to help developers build, test and deploy integrations with Signifyd’s Commerce Protection Platform.

Developer Tools is available now to customers integrating with Signifyd via API at no additional cost.

  • Create, Update and Maintain Teams
    Create test teams to represent each of your online stores to start your integration.
  • Manage Webhooks and Integrations
    Add and test webhooks used to get notifications about events associated with each team, and quickly configure our ecommerce or payment gateway integrations.
  • Debug Integration Issues
    Use the Data Quality tool to view and troubleshoot data issues that affect performance and the quality of decisions.
  • View Integration Resources
    View recommended technical resources including SDKs, how-to guides, API docs and more, based on your integration configuration. This feature is also available on Developer Center.

Developers, We Hear You

When we set out to discover how Developer Tools could provide value, we started by learning directly from developers themselves. We wanted to understand how developers integrated our product, what helped them complete development tasks and how they felt while using the product.

Three learnings stood out to us:

Code is worth a thousand words

Developers expect to see working code examples, SDKs and libraries that can be imported into their application. This helps developers both get familiar quickly with how the integration will work with their platform and reduce the time to integrate. To us this also means no shortcuts with documentation.

Success is being fast and right

Developers need to be mindful of how they invest their time from the moment they evaluate the product until the go-live date. For Signifyd, our resources must provide a clear differentiation between the big picture and the relevant details. That allows developers to get stuff done and avoid errors.

Signifyd’s Integration Guide covers the big picture and relevant details of Signifyd’s Order Flow.

Signifyd’s Integration Guide covers the big picture and relevant details of Signifyd’s Order Flow.

Comprehensive resources that provide quickstarts, how-to guides and sample applications to get developers set up quickly are invaluable. There’s nothing like the feeling of confidence from building a basic proof of concept to create momentum for building the rest of the integration.

Fail gracefully to advance

There’s no way around it: Developers will run into issues while building their integration. Detailed error messages that clearly describe what failed, why it failed and how to fix what failed means the developer can recover on their own. The ability for our API to fail gracefully also reduces developers’ frustration. Sometimes a developer can’t solve the issue on their own. Providing guidance to other channels including the developer’s technical support, GitHub or others, increases the strength of the community around the product that the developer can leverage.

Our learnings from talking to developers gave us the opportunity to dive into real journeys of software development — and influenced how we built Developer Tools. Through these learnings we also realized how resourceful developers have to be day in and out.

Developers are not only interested in the technicalities behind accomplishing something in the shortest time possible. They also want to understand the business implications, so they know that their approach to tackling the challenge is the right one. By addressing the challenges we discovered by talking to developers, we were able to make developers’ work integrating with Signifyd easier. We reduced the need for trial and error and introduced certainty to developers about the work they are doing.

Dear developers:

We hear you.

Being a system integrator is hard. You’re always thinking about the next deadline, building bridges among strangers and anticipating the next thing that can go wrong — because it will. You’re used to the lack of answers and explanations, but you’re part of a comforting community of strangers that builds upon each other’s knowledge.

Never mind all the complexity and that the process is going to be painful most of the time. Your job is to make sure these systems are more than the sum of their features and you believe the effort is worth it.

Faster Success with Developer Tools

When integrating to Signifyd’s Commerce Protection Platform, developers are not on their own. The success of any integration with Signifyd’s Commerce Protection Platform is largely dependent on the success of developers. Our implementations team is there to guide developers during their integration and onboarding. We do this with pride and care, but we also recognize that developers want to be self-sufficient.

Let’s Dive Into The Key Features

Are you a developer? Signifyd’s Developer Tools is for you, whether you’ve already integrated with Signifyd, or if you’re just getting started.

Create, Update and Maintain Teams

The Teams page is the portal to all features of Developer Tools

The Teams page is the portal to all features of Developer Tools.

Get in touch with your Implementations Manager to create your first teams – test and production. You take it from there to start your integration! Use the API key from the test team to create test cases.

Manage Webhooks and Integrations

The Team Details page to manage webhooks and integrations for any team

The Team Details page to manage webhooks and integrations for any team.

For every team, you can now manage payment gateway integrations, webhook notifications and other team details within Developer Tools.

Debug Integration Issues

The Verify Data Quality assessment expanded with details and instructions to solve issues with fields

The Verify Data Quality assessment expanded with details and instructions to solve issues with fields.

With Data Quality, you can now verify that the required data fields for decisioning are received by Signifyd and troubleshoot any issues. No more back and forth between screens —once we receive the order it displays the validation with steps to resolve.

Once you finish the validation, your assigned Implementations Manager will complete a Model Calibration and Assessment step, to ensure models and decisions are processed correctly and all workflows are functioning properly. When this is completed, the Signifyd team will create a Production Team for you with a new API key to send live cases.

The JSON Viewer is accessible via the Data Quality assessment to help you identify the issues in the code

The JSON Viewer is accessible via the Data Quality assessment to help you identify the issues in the code.

As part of data field validation, the JSON Viewer aids in troubleshooting by displaying both raw requests sent by the developer and the same saved requests received by Signifyd. Any fields missing will be highlighted to find and correct easily in JSON.

View Integration Resources

Recommended Integration Resources based on the team’s configuration

Recommended Integration Resources based on the team’s configuration.

On Developer Tools, you’ll also find curated technical resources based on your integration configuration so you don’t have to dig around.

Integration Guide

The updated Integration Guide was totally revamped with step by step guidance and lots of code examples.

The updated Integration Guide pairs with our in-app Developer Tools experience to provide you step-by-step guidance and code examples. The guide starts with an overview of the order flow and steps to integration, to address both tactical and business requirements for Signifyd’s Fraud Protection.

Developer Center

Visit your first stop when evaluating Signifyd’s integrations and home to all Signifyd’s technical resources.

Lastly, Developer Center is the technical resource companion to Developer Tools. This portal gathers all the resources any developer or development team needs to learn about Signifyd from the start during the evaluation phase, all the way through implementation.

At Signifyd, we deeply value our relationship with developers and their partners. With the launch of Signifyd Developer Tools we look forward to building on our relationships as we work closely with our developer community to help them succeed.

Mariana Ortiz-Reyes

Mariana Ortiz-Reyes

Mariana leads product design and experience at Signifyd. Share your feedback with [email protected].