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Signifyd awarded Bronze Diversity Mark for work on diversity, equity and inclusion

Shortly before International Women’s Day 2021, I was delighted to receive confirmation that Signifyd had been awarded the Bronze Diversity Mark by Diversity Mark Northern Ireland.  

This was a fantastic start to my 2021, and being a relatively new company in the UK, something that we’re all extremely proud of.  To be recognised by an independent body for the work we have already undertaken and continue to do is a huge achievement for all of us.  

Signifyd's Bronze Diversity Award

Diversity Mark’s Bronze, the first of these accreditations, focuses on gender equality and equity.  It sends a clear message to women across our organisation and our industry that we’re committed to eliminating barriers and enabling them to succeed, but this is just the start of our journey.

Diversity Mark’s mission is to encourage diversity, equity and inclusion

Women in Business established Diversity Mark Northern Ireland in 2016. It was launched to encourage and support organisations that wish to take action on many of the institutional barriers faced by minority and underrepresented groups. In order to be recognised, organisations have to present an independent panel with a strategy for building a workplace environment in which all individuals feel valued, are treated fairly and have equal access to opportunities.

“We congratulate Signifyd on achieving the Bronze Diversity Mark for their commitment and dedication to gender diversity. Our independent assessment panel were thoroughly impressed with their measurable, tangible metrics and visible action plans which will ultimately benefit all employees, and they welcomed the clarity of their application and their energetic approach. We are excited to work with Signifyd on their diversity and inclusion journey as it unfolds over the coming years.”

Christine White, head of Diversity Mark

In early 2020, the world felt like a very different place. We had the onset of COVID, a great deal of global and regional change, and significant societal turmoil both in the U.S. and the UK.  It was against this backdrop that we revitalised our company strategy and reaffirmed our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. We were particularly focused on how important this was for our entire global team and on proceeding in a way that felt truly authentic for all of us.

Over the past year, we worked extremely hard to bring diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) to the front and centre of the work that we do, how we learn from each other, how we understand our customers and how we strengthen the relationships that we have across our global team.

This effort has included the formation of a CEO-led DEI committee and the establishment of four core pillars that we continue to work on and develop today: driving awareness and education, leading by example, recruiting and attracting a diverse team and creating genuine belonging.

Over the past year, we have held culture weeks at Signifyd to celebrate what makes us unique, recognising Black history month, International Women’s Day and the Lunar New Year.  We have welcomed guest speakers discussing a wide range of DEI topics with our global team, created the space for learning and open discussion, empowered and expanded our employee resource groups and crafted new opportunities to achieve a culture where everyone is free to be themselves.

The direction is set, but we have more work to do

The work is far from finished and never will be. But the direction and determination have been set and the momentum has been accelerated, because what really makes us truly exceptional as a company is our people. As we continue to grow, expanding into new continents, every new member will bring unique and valuable perspectives, driving our business and product strategy and enhancing our culture of curiosity.

2020 may have been a year that many of us would like to forget, but for me, it brought a wealth of experiences: It was the year that we came together, listened, supported and learned from each other.  It was the year we got to see a different side of one another (pets, children and home improvement projects included) that we would not have, absent the circumstances. We were vulnerable in both our shared despair and anxiety as well as the moments of joy we found together. 2021 looks like it’s going to be a very different year and hopefully for the better in many ways. But no matter the challenges ahead, we are stronger than ever.

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Matthew Hamilton

Matthew Hamilton

“Matthew is Signifyd’s senior HR manager based in the UK. Matthew is responsible for People Operations across our EMEA region and has interests in employee engagement, diversity, equity and inclusion and mental health.