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Signifyd wins the 2022 Excellence in Customer Service Award from the Business Intelligence Group

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On the strength of its dedication to promoting its customers’ success, Signifyd won the  2022 Excellence in Customer Service Award for what the Business Intelligence Group recognized as its ability to adapt to rapidly changing business conditions in order to improve its customers’ businesses and lives. 

The Business Intelligence Group honored Signifyd in the Organization of the Year category, calling out the broad team effort Signifyd employs to ensure that its customers benefit not only from Signifyd’s superior machine-learning technology but also from its deep expertise in the fields of fraud, abuse, risk and ecommerce.

Signifyd customer service award from Business Intelligence Group

“Customer service professionals and suppliers have had to make significant changes to adopt to our evolving world,” said Maria Jimenez, chief nominations officer of the Business Intelligence Group. “It is our honor to recognize Signifyd as they are leading by example and making real progress on improving the daily lives of so many.”

The customer service award is the latest honor for Signifyd

The Excellence in Customer Service Award is the latest in a series of recent honors for Signifyd that celebrate the company’s belief that dealing compassionately with customers is the key to success — for those customers and by extension for Signifyd. 

Matthew Collier, Signifyd’s senior vice president of customer success, said Signifyd’s team is focused on providing merchants with an edge in a very competitive field that includes retail superpower Amazon.

“Our team is motivated by helping customers solve problems related to fraud and payments challenges, while building incredible customer experiences,” Collier said. “We surround our customers with data science, risk intelligence and customer success to support their initiatives and advise on strategy. We can innovate as they innovate. We can also scale with them as they grow and expand internationally.”

Customers consider Signifyd easy to use and a category and momentum leader

That comprehensive coverage has paid off for Signifyd’s customers. In recent months, customers praised the company’s efforts in three different categories on the G2 platform. Based on customer reviews the company won honors for providing the best useability, being a category leader and being a momentum leader.

Signifyd was also found in a Digital Commerce 360 survey to be  the leading vendor  for 2022 among the top 1000 retailers. And  Frost & Sullivan recognized Signifyd as the growth leader in the fraud protection space. All this after being named in Q4 2020 the  market leader in guaranteed chargeback protection by technology research and advisory firm Aite Group, based partly on its superior management services for chargebacks and its vast network of clients. 

“What really stood out was their knowledge of our industry and our customers,” Ty Collins, co-founder & CEO of Rad Power Bikes, said of Signifyd when asked in a case study about the company’s customer success support. “They’re not just experts in ecommerce fraud, they actually know our business – so we’re comfortable trusting them with our fraud management practice.”

Signifyd’s customer relationships pay off in increased conversions and revenue

Of course, delivering on the promise of increasing revenue is one key metric by which customers measure their technology partners. On that count, an analysis of Signifyd’s top 600 customers along with findings from Signifyd’s issuing bank partners, found that in 2021, customers saw:

  • Typical approval rate uplift of 5% to 9%.
  • Typical revenue recovery from chargeback representment of 1% to 2%.
  •  A 70% reduction in false positives at the authorization stage. 

Signifyd also turns to innovative programs to deepen its relationships with customers and others in the industry. For instance, last week the company hosted the FLOW Summit 2022, which brought together its customers and other ecommerce leaders for educational and professional enrichment led by leading retail visionaries.

It is all part of an approach that understands that helping customers succeed requires a holistic approach to problem-solving that looks beyond the short-term and solves today’s challenges today while constantly assembling the keys to tomorrow’s successes. 

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Mike Cassidy

Mike Cassidy

Mike is the head of storytelling at Signifyd. A former journalist and a retail geek, he covers ecommerce and the way technology is transforming digital commerce. Contact him at [email protected].