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AreaTrend’s uncompromising dedication to customer service and Signifyd’s strong identity intelligence combine to help AreaTrend more efficiently accept more orders, more often.


Reduction in Cases Reviewed


Reduction in Review Time per Case


Increase in Accepted Orders

Fraud Protection Keeps Costs Low

AreaTrend prides themselves on two things: selling brand new, brand name products at the lowest price available, and providing the highest level of customer service possible. Since opening their doors in the early 2000’s, AreaTrend has grown into a principal source of brand name watches and other accessories on the Internet.

Effective fraud management is one of the ways that AreaTrend has been able to keep costs to their customers as low as possible. But historically, AreaTrend had been spending a tremendous amount of time and resources manually investigating orders. It also had to deny list entire geographies that had shown high chargeback rates for fear of accepting fraudulent transactions.

Area Trend

Back to School

A labor-intensive review process combined with turning away orders may have kept fraud losses low, but it hurt both the top and bottom lines for AreaTrend. AreaTrend called upon Signifyd to help manage the order review process while maintaining the excellent fraud rates that they depended on.

With Signifyd, AreaTrend has been able to reduce the number of cases that are manually reviewed by over 80%, with no increase in chargebacks. Those cases that AreaTrend does choose to review take 75% less time to investigate, which means that fewer people can review more orders, more quickly. AreaTrend has even been able to open up sales to three new regions around the world that they were not able to sell to previously, helping to achieve an overall increase of 7% in orders accepted when compared to the process in place before Signifyd.

Eliminate fraud and accept
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