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About Au Vodka

Inspired by gold, Au Vodka combines British heritage and luxury ingredients to create ultra‑premium vodkas and gilded merchandise ranging from glassware, ice buckets and more to provide a truly one of a kind experience for their customers across the globe.

“Before we started to use Signifyd, on average we were at a 3% fraud rate during a £200,000 month. Now with Signifyd, we’re doing upwards of £700,000 a month through our online store alone. We were able to assess our fraud rate within minutes with Signifyd. It’s a much more streamlined operation for us when it comes to fraud.”

Jordan Major
, Head of Ecommerce
, Au Vodka


As the premium vodka brand experienced explosive growth through their direct to consumer online presence internationally, fraud rates quickly grew as well. As a result, Au Vodka was left dedicating hours of manual review to monitor for fraudulent transactions, but were still experiencing both product and chargeback losses to fraudsters.


Knowing that with continued growth comes the potential for more fraud, Au Vodka turned to Signifyd to get their climbing fraud rates under control so they could shift their focus back to expanding their serviceable market. Signifyd not only provided Au Vodka with essential fraudulent chargeback protection, but provided the growing brand an added boost through increased conversion rates and revenue retention.


Since starting with Signifyd, Au Vodka has seen a 97% decrease in fraudulent orders — even during peak months when online orders saw upwards of a 133% increase. And with Signifyd’s 100% guarantee on every approved order, Au Vodka no longer is plagued by revenue leakage due to costly chargebacks enabling, them to continue their global expansion efforts and confidently introduce their premium spirits to new markets.

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