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Abuse management,
Automation & scalability,
Fraud management




Chargeback Recovery,
Guaranteed Fraud Protection,
Guaranteed INR Protection,
Return Abuse Prevention


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About BHFO

One of the largest and most trusted outlets of designer clothing, accessories and shoes online, BHFO has scaled across the globe and works directly with the largest retailers to provide customers the finest brands at the most affordable price.

“Managing abuse around our return policy is very big for us and we couldn’t do that before. The cost of a return is enormous for a company — now with Signifyd we can prevent people from abusing returns and that is great.”

Sofia Giussani
, Director of Digital Marketing


After skyrocketing growth, BHFO has no plans on slowing down. But to keep on course, the designer outlet knew they needed to restructure their approach to some of the most common scams faced by fashion retailers as their previous partner was overcorrecting for fraud and clothing scams, impacting operations and hindering the seamless shopping experience their customers expected.


With the depth and breadth of intelligence from Signifyd’s Commerce Network and the added layer of guaranteed protection from Signifyd’s Fraud Protection and Abuse Prevention solutions, BHFO finally found the partner they needed to drastically reduce fraud, eliminate unnecessary customer friction and optimize their growing operations.


Now maintaining a near perfect approval rate of 99.66% and having seen their chargeback rate drop an astounding 69%, BHFO has the peace of mind needed to focus on their growth strategy and optimize other areas of the business, such as returns to produce even greater results as they scale.

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