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Signifyd is proud to help Build.com reduce fraud and increase operational efficiencies as it continues to grow as one of the Internet’s largest retailers.


Decrease in Chargebacks


Decrease in Manual Review Time


Increase in Successfully Challenged Chargebacks

Build.com – the fastest growing online home improvement retailer in the US

Build.com – the fastest growing online home improvement retailer in the United States – has become a household name by providing its customers with the best selection, unmatched customer service, and the easiest online shopping experience around. A perennial member of the Internet Retailer Top 100 (currently listed as the 80th largest internet retailer in the United States), Build.com uses Signifyd to help manage its ecommerce business.

Build.com came to Signifyd in early 2014 to streamline its manual review process and to help reduce chargeback rates. Based on initial results, not only was Signifyd able to help in both of those areas, but also was able to help Build.com successfully challenge and win chargebacks. This was done by providing detailed information on its customers and transactions throughout the order process.

Signifyd’s intuitive console puts all of the information that Build.com needs to make quick, informed decisions in one easy-to-use screen. Because of this, Build.com fraud investigators can take action more quickly on suspicious cases, reducing chargebacks by 35% while cutting manual review time by 46%.

Going one step further, Signifyd provides Build.com with deep user and transaction context in every order. While this is great for the fraud analysts, it has also shown benefit in challenging and winning chargeback disputes, as Build.com can demonstrate a high level of scrutiny on every order.

Signifyd is happy to be a part of the team that has helped Build.com become one of the most successful Internet retailers in the industry.

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