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What defines a great product? Todd and Tara Youngblood have released over 100 products to market. Here they discuss the ChiliPad and what it means to their customers around the world. Signifyd helps ChiliPad accept more orders and sleep better by eliminating fraud losses.


Reduction in Cases Reviewed


Increase in Accepted Orders


Chargeback Losses

What Defines a Great Product?

Tara and Todd Youngblood, creators of the ChiliPad, decided early on they were going to design and produce products that create ongoing value for their customers. Products that got better, the more you used them, and relationships with customers that got stronger over time.

These might seem like old-fashioned values, but to the Youngbloods they’re not. They’re simply a commitment to quality and a promise they make to their customers, a promise they back with a Guarantee.

While to some it might sound dramatic, the ChiliPad has changed people’s lives. They’ve been able to sleep through the whole night, without discomfort, without pain, without feeling too hot or too cold. Just sleeping, peacefully. It sounds simple, but so many people are suffering from a lack of sleep and especially from the lack of quality sleep.

The Youngbloods put a lot of effort in to ensuring their customers get a great night’s sleep. That’s why they back the ChiliPad with a 90 Day Comfort Guarantee – ensuring this is the best sleep their customers have ever had.

They use Signifyd for the same reason. Signifyd’s real-time machine learning and massive database of over 10,000 global merchants allows them to see more than 60% of their customers before they even place their first order. So Signifyd knows if each order is good or if it’s fraud. And if Signifyd’s wrong – which can happen – the complete cost of the chargeback is covered. Shipping, taxes, fees, everything. So it’s like the loss never happened.

ChiliPad warm side, cool side

ChiliPad’s relationship with Signifyd has grown over time, and they’re even happier now than when they started. They’re certainly not losing any sleep over fraud or chargebacks, and they can ship their products to customers faster because they don’t have to review them first.

Together, Signifyd and the ChiliPad are helping customers around the world sleep better.


“Signifyd knows if the order is good, or if it's fraud. And when they are wrong, which can happen, they cover the complete cost of the chargeback. We're not losing sleep over fraud or chargebacks, and we can ship our products to our customers faster because we don't have to review them first.”

Todd and Tara Youngblood

Co-Founders, Kryo, Inc.