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Crown & Caliber

Signifyd helps Crown & Caliber accept high value orders from first-time customers with complete confidence.


Reduction in Cases Reviewed


Increase in Accepted Orders


Chargeback Losses

Every Transaction is Personal

Seamaster watch

For Crown & Caliber, every transaction is personal. Every timepiece they receive has a story and needs to be cared for to bring it back to its original self. Their certified experts evaluate every part of every watch to ensure every component is genuine. They know how each piece inside relates to every other piece and how they work together.

Crown & Caliber receives timepieces that are difficult to find from all over the world and they want to help their customers make the right choice. Signifyd helps Crown & Caliber understand the person behind every purchase and every payment. Signifyd processes thousands of points of data every minute so they can determine the customer’s credibility with absolute certainty.

Signifyd has likely seen this customer and their buying activity before whereas Crown & Caliber is seeing it for the first time. Signifyd’s financial guarantee against fraud and chargebacks allows Crown & Caliber to ship to customers they otherwise wouldn’t have felt comfortable shipping to on their own.

Crown & Caliber needs to understand every single timepiece, every customer and every transaction, and because Signifyd has them covered from a chargeback standpoint, it allows them to focus on what they’re good at.

Which allows them to keep their business personal.

Omega Seamaster watch


“We can ship to customers we otherwise wouldn't have felt comfortable shipping to. Because Signifyd has us covered from a chargeback standpoint, it allows us to focus on what we're good at, and that allows us to keep our business personal.”

Hamilton Powell

CEO, Crown & Caliber