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Case Study

Frank And Oak

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About Frank And Oak

Frank And Oak’s apparel is made to last and ensure the environment and local communities are protected. Frank And Oak leverages Signifyd’s Commerce Protection Platform to prevent fraud and abuse, including INR chargebacks.

“Frank And Oak has seen a great return on investment,” adds Hicham Ratnani, COO & co‑founder. “The chargebacks reversed or refunded easily nullify the cost of the platform and the added value we get from trends data and expert advice on revenue leakage throughout the funnel is invaluable for us.”

Hicham Ratnani
, COO & co‑founder
, Frank And Oak


Frank And Oak had difficulty manually identifying fraudulent or abusive orders. They were limited by relying solely on data from their own transactions. Striking a balance between security and convenience was challenging. Their CS team didn’t know where to start when it came to fighting chargebacks.


Frank And Oak replaced their simple scoring system with Signifyd’s Commerce Protection Platform. Signifyd’s guaranteed model would accept liability for all approved orders and automatically kick off the representment process when chargebacks appeared. Signifyd’s guarantee extended to cover all INR chargebacks.


With Signifyd, Frank And Oak’s fraud chargeback rate hit an all-time low of .10%. Their approval rate rose above 99%. They avoided tens of thousands in chargebacks monthly. Signifyd also contested over 100 other chargebacks monthly – including “subscription canceled” – and won 53.3% of the time.

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