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Finding photography equipment isn’t difficult but finding the right photography equipment for your project can be very challenging. With a multitude of manufacturers, standards, and changing specifications, serious photographers and prosumers need a company they can trust with experience in the field.


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Gosselin Photo & Vidéo has been in the business for decades and everyone working there is a photographer themselves. This allows them to cater their recommendations and service to each photographer’s specific needs. To achieve that exact “look” for the perfect photo or video.

Beyond their extensive inventory of over 8,000 products, Gosselin offers rentals, repairs, large prints and classes. They cater to a community of professional photographers and help bring customers together, because in this industry experience is everything.

For customers buying online, Gosselin has simplified the shopping experience with easy returns, financing and price matching. Since digital photography and video evolves quickly, Gosselin provides in-depth details for every product and their representatives are available to Live Chat with customers or speak with them over the phone.

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Just like their customers depend on Gosselin’s reliable service, Gosselin depends on Signifyd to protect them against ecommerce fraud. With a network of over 10,000 merchants worldwide and advanced machine learning, Signifyd allows Gosselin to accept more orders instantly and ship them out faster.

Before Signifyd, Gosselin staff had to spend hours reviewing orders manually to protect themselves from fraud. With Signifyd’s 100% financial guarantee against fraud and chargebacks, Gosselin can now ship orders to customers in Canada, the US, and all over the world without worrying about fraud.

Photographers save time and money with Gosselin. They get expert advice and reliable service. Gosselin gets the same from Signifyd, allowing them to grow faster, accept more orders, and spend more time helping customers. Because that’s what they love to do.


With Signifyd, we save time, accept more orders, and serve our customers better. We don't worry about fraud. This allows us to spend more time helping customers, helping them capture those perfect moments. Because that's what we love to do.

Tony Trew

VP Marketing and Ecommerce, Gosselin Photo and Vidéo