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Case Study

Groupe Dynamite

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About Groupe Dynamite

Groupe Dynamite is a global fashion retailer with more than 300 stores across Canada and the United States. Groupe Dynamite partners with Signifyd to automate order review, streamline customer experience and drive digital transformation internally.

“If you are looking for a smooth implementation that’s going to be delivered on time, software that is going to deliver the value it promises to deliver, and a partner that will be with you side-by-side even after implementation, then Signifyd is the right solution for you.”

Ted Guglielmi
, Head of Digital Transformation
, Groupe Dynamite


Groupe Dynamite’s rule-based fraud solution required lengthy manual review and a team of three full-time employees to manage. With reviews delaying order fulfillment by as much as five days, Groupe Dynamite struggled to meet high customer expectations.


Groupe Dynamite chose Signifyd as its commerce protection provider because of its demonstrated ability to automate order review, recover revenue lost to false declines, and back up decisions with a 100% financial guarantee.


By partnering with Signifyd, Groupe Dynamite has increased its order approval rate from 95% to 99.8%, while eliminating the need for manual review and removing friction in the buying process for a more streamlined customer experience.

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