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Finding the right look for the rave scene is a personal journey. Consumers need a retailer that understands that and understands where rapidly evolving styles are headed. In the end, the fashions that we wear are an extension of ourselves.


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Brian Lim built the Emazing Group from the ground up. Or in his case, out of the trunk of his car.

He started by selling music-festival fashion and accessories with only $100 in capital. His street-level beginnings helped define the now three companies he runs under the Emazing Group banner — with a culture based on experiences from the tight-knit rave community.

Lim’s three ecommerce companies — iHeartRaves, EmazingLights and INTO THE AM each serve a different product category. Customers can find music festival and rave clothing and accessories at iHeartRaves. EmazingLights sells LED gloves and accessories for artists who create light shows with their hands, a competitive sport known as gloving. INTO THE AM is an apparel website featuring unique, high-quality patterned clothing for men and women.

Each website thrives on empowering a lifestyle of self-expression for each customer that shops among the three ecommerce stores. The different products also foster their own community among shoppers.

Lim hatched a brilliant business strategy—adding adjacent businesses that feed each other. In doing so, he’s built more than a retail empire. At its core, Lim’s business is about creating community and a base of shoppers that behave more like fans than customers. That, in part, explains the torrid growth the Emazing team has seen in each of his web stores, including nearly doubling year-over-year revenue during some stretches.

That impressive growth was obviously a good thing, but with it came challenges. The iHeart team, for instance, was spending more of its time reviewing orders to weed out fraudulent transactions. Needless to say, for a business with a strong community and robust word-of-mouth, delaying orders with cumbersome fraud reviews was not a sustainable process.

International orders posed a special challenge, given that they initially called for shipping to customers that iHeart had no transaction history with. And yet, Lim’s vision was to provide anyone with the rave gear they needed to “feel like a million bucks.” Instead, the company was turning down a discouraging number of orders in an effort to protect itself from fraud.

Lim and his team turned to Signifyd’s Guaranteed Fraud Protection to tackle each of the challenges. Signifyd uses big data, machine learning and domain expertise to provide ship-or-don’t-ship decisions, so it works nearly instantaneously and can be scaled up instantly and infinitely. Signifyd all but eliminated iHeart’s need to review orders.

And because Signifyd serves thousands of merchants who sell to 250 million customers in more than 100 countries, there is a high likelihood that Signifyd has already seen iHeart’s international customers when they placed orders elsewhere in the Signifyd Commerce Network.


“As our business has grown globally, we’ve incorporated Signifyd to make our order review and fraud prevention seamless.”

Brian Lim


Serve the Customer

“To really take care of your customers, you need to make strategic decisions that they might not even see,” Lim says. “Like managing scalable fulfillment and working with much larger, trusted global partners, to ensure our orders get to customers before they expect them. That earns you five-star reviews, repeat purchases and a ton of customer referrals.”

It’s worked for Lim and his ecommerce sites. Today, iHeartRaves features a blog: Studio 240, with pieces written by influencers within the electronic dance music (EDM) and music festival scenes. Studio 240’s content contains topics in fashion essentials, creating and producing music, EDM shows and events and more.

The EmazingLights website hosts an education section on the art of gloving — a medium and performance genre Emazing Group has pioneered — including buying guides for gloving materials and where to find competitions within the International Gloving League.

INTO THE AM took a concept from a few graphic T-shirts with vibrant colors and wild designs and grew into a brand that thrives on the artistic contributions from its customer base. Every piece of clothing INTO THE AM sells is handcrafted and features custom designs from partnered creators.

This commitment to community powers everything Emazing Group does, especially customer experience. Shoppers choose Emazing Group to find unique and specialized products, but there’s more to ecommerce success than just demand. The websites must also deliver friction-free shopping experiences for its worldwide customers.

Each product sold across Emazing Group’s ecommerce stores is a unique piece that allows customers to express their individuality. The company values, steeped in this individual creative expression, allow Lim and his team to try new things to grow the company.

That’s all the easier with friction-free fraud protection. With Signifyd on board, Lim’s team can focus on finding the hottest new trends in fashion and gloving instead of worrying about fraudulent orders and chargebacks.