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Imagine Diamonds

Signifyd is proud to help Imagine Diamonds eliminate fraud while supporting their rapid online growth. This 30-year old wholesaler has successfully evolved to e-tailing.


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Imagine Not Worrying About Chargebacks

Imagine Diamonds successfully launched an e-tailing business selling jewelry directly to consumers online. They’ve used Signifyd from the very beginning for complete fraud protection and to eliminate chargebacks without the need for an in-house team.

With 30 years experience in the wholesale jewelry business in New York’s Diamond District, Imagine Diamonds found themselves learning a whole new business when they began e-tailing jewelry online directly to consumers. Until they began selling online they had not dealt with fraud so they had an important decision to make as they planned their online jewelry practice. After careful consideration, Imagine Diamonds decided to launch with Signifyd instead of an internal in-house fraud prevention team as they wanted to ensure they could protect their business from chargebacks or fraud as they grew quickly.

Given the options available to consumers for jewelry online Imagine Diamonds knew they would need to be competitive and drive marketing aggressively to gain market share. Having Signifyd guarantee every order allowed them to focus their attention solely on growing their business. They were able to avoid lengthy manual review processes and ship orders out to customers faster. Establishing on-time deliveries and strong customer service is important when you’re acquiring new customers as you want them to know you take their business seriously and that you’re committed to a long-term relationship beyond their initial purchase.

Given their rapid growth rate Imagine Diamonds needed to focus their attention solely on good orders. Since Signifyd leverages machine learning to identify fraudulent orders in real-time, Imagine Diamonds didn’t need to spend any time sorting the good orders from the bad ones. This focus is especially key for a merchant when growth is coming from many different avenues. Given their emphasis on SEO, PPC campaigns, affiliate marketing and social media Imagine Diamonds prioritized tactics that drove the highest conversion in their user journeys. Knowing which users are good and which are bad is important for optimizing your marketing investments, not just avoiding fraud, as bad users can provide misleading data on invalid purchasing behavior (since these purchases will later result in chargebacks) that diverts from marketing investments on good customers.