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About Mack’s Prairie Wings

Located in Stuttgart, Arkansas, the duck hunting capital of the world, Mack’s Prairie Wings has been outfitting waterfowl hunters since 1944. With Signifyd’s Guaranteed Fraud Protection automating their order review, Mack’s can scale to seasonal demand while maintaining the quick service their name is built on.

“With our previous solution, it was on us to make decisions based on the limited amount of data that we had across our business. But with Signifyd, we suddenly had visibility into customer behavior and fraud trends across thousands of global merchants.”

Debbie Pinckard
, Mack’s Prairie Wings


In an industry with extreme seasonality, Mack’s Prairie Wings must quickly scale operations to meet peak demand while mitigating the increased fraud that comes with it. Their previous rules-based solution was no match for this seasonal surge, leaving their customer support team manually reviewing over 25% of orders and slowing down fulfillment for good customers.


On the recommendation of their PSP, Mack’s Prairie Wings came to Signifyd looking to rid themselves of their manual review headache. What they found in Signifyd was so much more – automated order review with higher approval rates and zero fraud losses. The switch was a no-brainer.


With Signifyd guaranteeing all approved orders, Mack’s Prairie Wings has confidently automated 100% of online orders and increased approval rates by almost 6%. No longer held up by tedious order reviews, their customer support team can dedicate their efforts to phone-in orders and fulfill their promise for same day shipments.

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