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Signifyd allows PetFlow to accept more orders, more often and has helped to proactively address emerging fraud trends before they impact the bottom line.


Reduction in Chargebacks


Reduction in Cases Reviewed


Reduction in Review Time per Case

A Win for Social Animals is one of the Internet’s fastest growing and most promising companies. Starting from just $1 million in annual sales in 2010, exceeded $50 million in sales in 2013. With over 150,000 active customers (growing by 10,000 every month) and over 2.1 million Facebook fans, was named the #1 Social Commerce company in the United States last year by Internet Retailer.

That growth, fueled by the company’s massive social presence, has come with familiar pains related to fraud and chargeback problems. New tactics from fraudsters required PetFlow to divert people and resources from other projects to manual fraud investigations. To ensure that good customers were not declined, PetFlow established caution in its review process, making it very manual potentially impacting revenue and customer satisfaction.

With fraud losses still on the rise, turned to Signifyd in late 2013 to help reverse this trend.’s social-heavy customer base meshed perfectly with Signifyd’s advanced social graph traversal techniques, enabling Signifyd to reduce chargebacks by more than 90%. This has saved tens of thousands of dollars in fraud losses each month, but that’s just the start.

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