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Case Study

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Fraud management,
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Chargeback Recovery,
Guaranteed Fraud Protection,
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About Rainbow Shops

Rainbow Shops has built a global following thanks to their vast variety of affordable styles for women and children. By partnering with Signifyd, the budget-friendly brand can focus on optimizing the customer experience with the knowledge that they are protected from fraudulent chargebacks – both abusive and criminal.

“Signifyd is one of the few partners that we work with that we have utmost confidence in. It’s a piece of the business we don’t think about because they do it so well, and they do it so well with so little input from us.”

David Cost
, VP of Ecommerce & Digital Marketing
, Rainbow Shops


Rainbow’s checkout optimization initiative led them to re-platform to Shopify, a change that required a fraud provider with a stronger Shopify integration. Evaluating new solutions gave the retailer an opportunity to address gaps in their current fraud prevention strategy – such as fighting abusive chargebacks.


Signifyd’s pre-built Shopify integration was the initial draw for Rainbow. The additional revenue recovery benefits of Chargeback Recovery and the quality of Signifyd’s partnership and expertise sealed the deal.


With Signifyd, Rainbow has increased their chargeback win rate to 50%, bringing overall chargebacks down by 51%. Order approvals remain high at 99.5% with all fraud losses covered by Signifyd’s guarantee. All this has been achieved amidst their replatform to Shopify – a process made painless thanks to Signifyd’s seamless integration.

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