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About The GLD Shop

The GLD Shop is a market leader in urban jewelry, donned by cultural icons and trendsetters like ASAP Rocky and Cardi B. GLD partners with Signifyd to eliminate fraud, fight chargebacks and realize new revenue potential.

“What matters is the rate of approval, the risk the vendor is willing to take on to push those approval rates to the max, and the flexibility and transparency of the technical team that is going to really drive value. That’s how we made our decision to partner with Signifyd and that’s how I recommend all merchants think about fraud.”

Mark Seremet
, The GLD Shop


In a market rife with fraud, GLD struggled to keep chargeback rates low while rapidly scaling their business. Despite hours dedicated to manual review, they still experienced fraud and began receiving warnings from Visa and Shopify.


Finding the right solution took some time for GLD. A thorough evaluation of leading commerce protection solutions, ultimately led GLD to a long-term partnership with Signifyd.


With Signifyd, GLD has improved their order approval rate by 5%. Initially at 92% with their previous guarantee fraud provider, Signifyd immediately boosted approval rates to 94%. And with machine learning over time, that approval rate has since increased to 97%. Because they no longer spend time on manual review or chargeback representment, GLD can return their focus to their growing business.

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