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Toys R Us

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About Toys R Us

With over 80 locations across the country, Toys R Us is Canada’s leading toy and baby retailer. When the pandemic forced the doors closed on physical stores, Signifyd’s guaranteed protection gave the toys specialists the confidence to roll out innovative omnichannel experiences and meet changing consumer demands.

“We were really lucky to have implemented Signifyd before the start of the pandemic. Where other merchants were scrambling to adapt to the new world of ecommerce, we were able to flip the switch on omnichannel practically overnight. Moving forward, we know that with Signifyd future-proofing our business, we will be just as ready to adapt to the ecommerce of tomorrow.”

Rohan Cherian
, AVP Ecommerce and Consumer Technology
, Toys R Us Canada


When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Toys R Us had to scale operations to transform their over 80 retail locations into fulfillment centers for curbside and BOPIS orders, while navigating the trickier fraud and abuse landscape that arose as a result.


Signifyd’s Guaranteed Fraud Protection already in place, Toys R Us had the ability to act quickly on curbside pickup. By extending protection to include Signifyd’s automated Chargeback Recovery & INR Protection, Toys R Us could confidently experiment, innovate and iterate on omnichannel while mitigating the increased risk for fraud and abuse.


Signifyd’s omnichannel protection has allowed Toys R Us to maintain an over 99% approval rate while deploying curbside and BOPIS fulfillment options – growing omnichannel from less than 10% of all orders pre-pandemic to more than 80% at its peak during pandemic shutdowns.

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