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About the Conference

Spend the day discussing proven and emerging international ecommerce entry and growth models, learning how customer experience management and deep localization drive international customer acquisition and engagement and how to prioritize the key operational aspects of your global commerce plan.

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September 27  |  2:45 PM Eastern

The "CEO" Showcase: Boosting Cross-Border Conversion with Next Gen Customer Experience Operations

Prioritizing “customer experience operations” can solve the behind-the-scenes issues that drive down cross-border conversion. Our panel shows how retail brands can take an operations-first approach to solving some of the top “going global” challenges such as fraud detection, payment issues, border delays, high shipping costs and long delivery times.


Scott Silverman - Moderator

Global Ecommerce Leadership Forum

Indranil (Indy) Guha

VP Enterprise Marketing

Evan Fript

Founder & CEO
Paul Evans

Matthew Merrilees

Managing Director, North America