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About the Conference

Revenue Protection | Abuse Prevention | Payments Compliance

Retail Risk conferences are run solely to help retailers, academics and law enforcement personnel fight crime; both in their online and physical stores. They are now the most popular conference series in the world; catering for more risk and loss prevention managers than any other similar conference series

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Learn how you can optimize your revenue and increase customer lifetime value by eliminating friction in the buying process — all while protecting your business from fraud, customer abuse and chargebacks.

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Speaking Session

Round 2 – Is SCA really here and how can retailers embrace the change?

Under the legislation of PSD2, all online retailers will have to apply SCA to the vast majority of their online transactions after the enforcement date of 14 September 2020. A common perception is that 3DS2 is the way to perform SCA, but this is known to create friction and cause drop off at checkout. Ed will lead a discussion on:

  • Latest information on the legislation across the EEA – from the FCA, UK Finance, The BRC and various European Competent Authorities
  • Clarify the potential and shortcomings of 3DS2 (lack of inherence capability as confirmed by the EBA in June 1019 and how this has progressed since)
  • How additional tools such as behavioural biometrics can be layered into 3DS2 to provide a better customer experience, lower drop off and thus increase retailers revenue
  • Utilising Delegated Authority to stay in control of the 3DS2 experience
  • How retailers should plan and work towards successful implementation by the enforcement data to ensure no drop off in conversion.


Ed Whitehead, Managing Director, Europe, Signifyd

Ed Whitehead

Managing Director EMEA for Signifyd

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