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About the webinar

**This Event Has Been Postponed to a Later Date**

When Stores Reopen: The Future of BOPIS/BOPAC

Ecommerce, once just a small slice of retail revenue, now adds up to as much as 30% of it. This trend is only expected to accelerate in the next 12 months. During the early phases of the lockdown, non-essential retailers had no choice. They weren’t allowed to let shoppers into stores. So curbside pickup became a necessity. Today close to half of the Digital Commerce 360 Top 500 retailers offer curbside pickup. (Before COVID-19 hit, it was less than 7%).

This all comes with challenges as sales associates need to be retrained to act as fulfillment workers — or a new team with fulfillment responsibilities needs to be hired. And physical stores need to be redesigned to create packing areas and pickup areas.

BOPIS brings new vulnerabilities when it comes to fraud. Curbside and in-store pickup orders come with the expectation that they will be packed and ready to go quickly — within an hour or two. That means there is no time for a cumbersome manual review, even if something about an order looks a little bit off.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • How dramatically has the world of ecommerce shifted, and what is most important to retail leaders.
  • What new habits have Customers adopted in the time of COVID-19 — are those habits here to stay?
  • Why is curbside pickup so especially prone to fraud, and what can you do to combat fraudsters?


Indy Guha

Indy Guha


Philip Jackson

Chief Commerce Officer