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Fraud protection when it counts

Signifyd was named #1 in Payment Security & Fraud Prevention in a comprehensive assessment by industry analysts at DigitalCommerce360. With 6x the number of global 1,000 retailers, Signifyd is listed as the top choice for enterprise ecommerce retailers.

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Thousands of merchants worldwide trust Signifyd to
optimize revenue and defend against fraud and abuse.
Here’s how we stack up against the competition.

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Signifyd   Kount
Thousands Customers in network Small network size impacts
detection and time to value
Over 98% Shopper identity verification rate Restricted by size of network
Guarantee on approved orders Guarantee model offered, but not even recommended by Kount’s own team
Over 98.7% Approval rate ∼ 78%

Enabled through machine learning
End-to-end fulfillment process automation
Automated chargeback ingestion
Dynamic step-up & expert review on sophisticated instances of fraud to augment AI
Fraud chargeback representment
Easy reimbursement for chargebacks
Fraud insights, chargeback recovery insights, and custom reporting

Named 2022 Leading Vendor to the Top 1000 Retailers by Digital Commerce 360 and the market leader in fraud protection by the Aite Group and G2Crowd, with top ratings on Capterra, Shopify and BigCommece app stores, and more
Proven leader in fraud protection
Chargeback protection from customer abuse
“Significantly not as described” chargeback protection
Promotion abuse protection
Unauthorized reseller protection
SCA exemption management
OFAC checks
Auth rate optimization

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Extend protection beyond fraud prevention

Signifyd’s Commerce Protection Platform completely shifts risk and liability from merchants by not only eliminating fraud, but also defending against consumer abuse and unnecessary friction in the buying process.

Abuse Prevention

Recover revenue from unwanted
policy abuse

In a world where consumer abuse is growing far faster than fraud, implementing safeguards against unwanted policy abuse is crucial to protecting top‑line revenue.

Signifyd’s Abuse Prevention Solution allows merchants to extend Guaranteed Fraud Protection to also include Account Takeover Protection, INR Protection, SNAD Protection, Promotion Abuse Protection, Unauthorized Reseller Protection and more.

Intelligent Order Triage and Automated Chargeback Recovery services ensure merchants can effectively manage post-purchase customer experience costs and make the best choice every time.

Payments Compliance

Ensure compliance and remove friction
in the authentication process

Building additional authentication into the checkout flow presents a real challenge for merchants who strive to protect the customer experience while preparing for future security standards.

Signifyd’s Payment Compliance Solution gives Signifyd merchants a frictionless and future-proof authentication experience, including PSD2 compliance, Seamless SCA, OFAC checks, Dynamic Exemption Management and more. We manage compliance so you can focus elsewhere.

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“When we were Kount customers, our chargebacks were out of control. It got so bad that we had actually been placed on the Visa’s Fraud Monitoring Program and stayed on that program for the last 18 months that we were Kount customers. Kount couldn’t deliver on any of the promises they made.

Signifyd helped us dig ourselves out of that hole. Signifyd promised to get us off the Visa Monitoring Program within the first 4 months, and they were actually able to do it in the first month. That’s a true partnership we’ll never look back from.”

– Chris Trefzger
Director of Customer Experience

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Extremely user friendly, reps from Signifyd are always around to answer questions concerning chargebacks and other potential issues that may be encountered.

Dan Flanagan

I love that it makes our jobs easier with preventing fraud, the representatives are prompt, polite and always providing updates.

Ashley Linden
Jerome’s Furniture

Signifyd provides accurate information on fraudulent orders and assists companies to learn more on how to protect from fraud.

Angie Gonzalez
Best Choice

Ready to protect and scale your business?

Talk to a Signifyd ecommerce specialist.