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November 2017

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Mike Cassidy
New retail paradigm requires new retail hiring
Mike Cassidy

Most e-commerce sellers have just conducted the annual drill: Battling it out with competitors for the best temporary talent to handle the onslaught of holiday orders coming in and shipments going out.

But hiring stress isn’t a once-a-year event. More sophisticated data, technology and consumers mean that digital retailers must change how they assess talent for jobs ranging from merchandising to fulfillment to customer support.

And as the digital revolution races on, retailers are looking for the same skills that are needed by every industry — creative thinkers who are empathetic, agile with data and comfortable with technology.

The rapid shift is often portrayed as a zero sum game — automation gradually eliminating the country’s nearly 16 million retail jobs. But we believe it’s a much more nuanced story of transformation. Read on.


Supply Chain Industry: Supply Thyself
The supply chain industry has its own a supply problem: Finding line workers, managers and executives with the right skills to get e-commerce orders to consumers with ever-increasing expectations. One webinar participant called it a “crisis.” But the panelists were not without creative solutions.
E-commerce hiring managers need a new attitude
E-commerce consultant Brian Beck says a new hiring mindset would help retailers tackle the skills gap. From workers building the customer-facing front end to back-end operations workers, data mastery and analytics are among the keys, Beck says in this video interview.
When an industry changes, those who keep it running need to change, too
It’s no mystery why new skills are needed in the world of e-commerce. Digital shopping has changed everything and it continues to change everything year after year. E-commerce and supply chain expert Bob Trebilcock provides the reasons behind the need for an updated workforce.
Embracing digital overlords is not out of the question
Turning to workers with new skills alone won’t ensure success in the e-commerce world. ShipStation’s Robert Gilbreath talks about how finding new ways of doing things is also a requirement for e-commerce success, including finding ways to combine the power of humans and machines.


Think Tank: How Retail — and Its Workers — Will Survive Automation
Industry watcher Amit Sharma makes the case that retail jobs are changing, not disappearing, reminding readers of Walmart chief Doug McMillon’s observation that, “We will compete with technology, but win with people.” He also lays out valuable skills for today’s retail environment.
Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google are destroying jobs
NYU’s Scott Galloway is less sanguine, telling Salon that middle class jobs are being “sucked out of the economy” by Google, Facebook and Amazon. The story notes retail jobs are particularly vulnerable and says that 7.5 million will be lost to automation. Scott. Chill.
Webinar: Top Tips for Better E-commerce in 2018
The holiday season can seem never-ending, but it will be over before you know it. Then it’s time to kick back and relax. Kidding. Kidding. Join experts from American, BrightPearl and Signifyd for a discussion of the key steps every online retailer should take for a successful 2018.
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