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August 2018

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Mike Cassidy
Christmas in August
Mike Cassidy

In retail it seems that executives and managers are either preparing for the holiday shopping rush, scrambling to execute during the holiday rush or recovering and recalibrating after the holiday rush.

August is prep time. Obviously, there are logistical concerns. But beyond doing more, there is doing better. Customer experience should be a key focus for the holiday period, when an unusually high number of first-time customers is likely to visit any given online retailer.

The goal, of course, is to get them to to come back, not just next holiday season, but all year round. This month, the Better Ecommerce Newsletter features stories that explore the meaning of customer experience and some ways to make that experience better.

When it comes to the holiday season, it’s never too early to get started.
Customer experience: What exactly do you mean?
Customer experience:
What exactly do you mean?
Customer experience is more fun to talk about than it is to actually do. Where do you begin? A panel at eTail Europe provided some answers, the clearest being that customer experience means different things, depending on the context of the shopper’s life and intent.
Pull up your socks and go to work
Pull up your socks
and go to work
Retailers looking for the secret fuel that is propelling digitally native retailers forward might want to glance toward Stance, a one-time wholesaler of creative socks and underwear that recently transformed itself digitally as it was launching a direct-to-consumer play. The end result: transforming shoppers into fans.
Department stores are getting something right
Department stores are getting something right
Consultancy FitForCommerce turned up a surprise in its annual “Omnichannel Retail Index.” Among the best performers? Department stores, about which you’ve read many “clinging to life” stories. FFC consultant Kathy Kimple says successful performers have focused like a laser on digital initiatives throughout all channels.
Don’t check out on your checkout experience
Don’t check out on your checkout experience
Does it seem crazy that merchants will kill themselves to get a customer to click the buy button, only to make checkout a living hell for that customer? It happens. Here are tips from six experts on how to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

Redstage: The Transformative B2B Ecommerce Agency
Redstage’s unmatched expertise in ecommerce design, development, integration and support makes them the most experienced agency in the industry. Want to learn more? Join Redstage for a day of wine, cheese and networking Nov. 15. Dine with local merchants, thought leaders and ecommerce experts at New York’s famous City Winery. No speakers, no presentations, just an evening of good company and great wine.

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Low unemployment makes holiday help hard to find
Of course it’s a good thing that fewer people are finding themselves out of work. The downside is retailers are having trouble bulking up for the holiday. — Marketplace

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Is Amazon inevitable?
Is Amazon destined to be not only “The Everything Store,” but the only store by dominating retail? Maybe not. Here’s an examination of 10 “facts” that “everybody knows” about Amazon. — Retail Dive

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Search me: Ecommerce sites bungling the basics
Consumers can’t buy what they can’t find and a high percentage say they are frustrated by poor search results on retailers’ sites. Some thoughts for providing better search for shoppers. — Retail TouchPoints

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The world is retail’s oyster
Looking for retail’s big picture? The Global Ecommerce Leadership Forum provides the world view, plus a chance to meet Signifyd. New York City. Sept. 27.

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