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December 2018

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Mike Cassidy
Nothing wrong with taking a minute to think
Mike Cassidy

It might seem crazy in the midst of the frenetic holiday rush, but how about taking a minute to breathe — and think? Not only will the sun come up tomorrow, but the calendar page will turn soon enough and, just like that, it will be next year.

A chance to try new things, scale new heights, bask in new success. But to do that, you need to examine what you’re doing now and determine whether it’s what you should be doing next. This month we take a look at some advice from retail leaders and we explore a few ideas that could lead to doing what you do better.
Retail success flows from nine pillars
It’s hard to hold up any business without pillars. Retail veteran Dean Bowerman has nine of them and he’s willing to share — just as he did at FLOW New York.
Video: Maybe you’re selling the wrong thing
It’s not really that consumers aren’t buying what you’re selling. It’s the way you’re selling it that they’re not so crazy about. How to make buying an experience.
Don’t mess up at money time
Paying for stuff isn’t any fun. Don’t make it worse for customers by adding friction to the paying process or by being a victim of site hijacking. It’s a thing.
Video: First they conquered ecommerce, now it’s brick-and-mortar
Digitally native retailers have swooped into ecommerce and turned things upside down. Now a thought leader says they’re coming for brick-and-mortar. Hey, at least they’re not Amazon.
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Consumers spent $7.9 billion online on the big Monday after Thanksgiving. — The Washington Post
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Amazon just bought its 40th 767 and it’s looking for more. — The Seattle Times
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Target is going international with its retail startup recruitment. — Internet Retailer
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It’s almost here: retail’s Woodstock. More or less. Come visit us at NRF 2019 Retail’s Big Show at the Javits Center, January 13 to 15.
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