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January 2018

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Mike Cassidy
Tackle the year of change with amped up e-commerce
Mike Cassidy

Nothing like the start of a new year and the new resolve to learn from the past and do things better in the future.

It’s a noble goal, but no easier, really, than losing that five pounds you promised yourself would be gone by spring.

We’re here to help with stories that show the way, tackling everything from returns to data breaches to plumping up margins. No question, 2018 looks to be a year of dramatic change in retail, as big players try to get the mix of in-store and e-commerce right.

The disruption is an opportunity, especially for more agile organizations that move quickly, to adopt the newest best practices. Those who move boldly will begin to separate themselves from the laggards. And a year from now they’ll look back at 2018 as the year that changed everything.


Are You Ready for Your Data Breach?
Death, taxes and data breaches
Data breaches have moved from “if” to “when” for businesses considering how to deal with them. Experts have a list of best practices and a reminder that it’s best to vet your vendors. Make sure they care as much about data security as you do.
The tyranny of returns and what to do about it
The tyranny of returns and what to do about it
Few things gobble up a nice healthy margin like a big batch of returns. With e-commerce’s growth, the cost of returns is becoming a serious drag on profitability. Online merchants are caught between demanding consumers and the cost of shipping and restocking. Some tips.
Is e-commerce perfection a thing?
Is e-commerce perfection a thing?
As competition in the retail sector becomes more fierce by the day, online merchants need to aim high. How about perfection? OK, it sounds crazy, but one retail consultant can run down the elements needed to ensure that your customers are satisfied from start to finish.
Online retail’s reefer madness
Online retail’s reefer madness
Some online merchants need to scale up for holidays or a change in seasons. Others need to brace for an order spike because of changes in the law. How California’s legalized marijuana is prompting the need to scale up for businesses that don’t even sell pot.


Authorize.Net: Accept payments. Anywhere
Since 1996, Authorize.Net has been the preferred payment gateway for merchants and developers. More than 440,000 merchants trust our secure and reliable platform for accepting payments online or anywhere. Our additional services include fraud tools, recurring billing, secure data storage and a free mobile point-of-sale application. Now offering 24/7 award-winning support.

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Absolunet: End-to-end e-commerce expertise
Absolunet has 180-plus e-commerce and marketing experts working in the United States and Canada. With 20 years of specialization in B2B and B2C platforms, Absolunet has implemented Signifyd for clients like Structube, la Vie en Rose, SAIL, Stokes, and Mobilia.

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You are going to get to know Alexa a lot better
Amazon is finding its voice with Alexa, adding the technology to all kinds of household products. The era of frictionless online ordering is here. Other retailers will need to keep up.

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E-Commerce warehouses moving to the suburbs
From the irony file: e-commerce operations, including Amazon, are buying up failed suburban malls too transform them into fulfillment centers. Increasing demand and rising online sales has priced them out of cities.

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Return policies matter — a lot
Returns are not an afterthought for consumers. eMarketer finds that shoppers research return policies before buying. What are they looking for? Free return shipping and full, cash refunds.

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Take your e-commerce to the Next Level: ENGAGE Toronto 2018
On Feb. 16, Absolunet, Signifyd and other e-commerce providers will host ENGAGE Toronto 2018, a one-day seminar that provides a one-stop shop to understand the Magento ecosystem’s scalability and get your e-commerce questions answered by the experts, including two high-growth retailers who were finalists at Magento’s Imagine 2017 Awards.

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