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July 2018

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Mike Cassidy
Never Enough
Mike Cassidy

Growth. It’s a relentless priority in retail.

There are always new customers to acquire, new markets to explore, new products to feature, new experiences to provide customers, new ways of doing business. All to grow the business and increase sales.

The thing about growth is that any time you capture a new customer or a new market or perfect a new way of selling, you’ve just eliminated one place to look for growth. What’s next?

It can be frustrating, stressful, exhausting. Or it can be exhilarating, fulfilling and profitable — if you approach it wisely.

This month, the Better Ecommerce Newsletter features stories relaying what some retail leaders have to say about different approaches to finding new customers and new ways to sell to them.

It’s just what a growing business needs.


Retail survival lessons from IRCE
Retail survival lessons
from IRCE
We’re here to fill the summer trade show void, by talking about a trade show. IRCE was a target-rich environment for those looking to find ways to build a bigger business. Our recap looks at reducing friction and finding markets internationally, among other topics.
Retail change can’t be only skin deep
Retail change can’t be only skin deep
The perfume and cosmetic vertical has embraced the Silicon Valley ethos of moving fast and leveraging innovation. The industry is changing rapidly in order to keep up with the rapid changes in its customers’ needs and desires. The smell of success is sweet.
Amazon Marketplace: Friend or Foe
Amazon Marketplace:
Friend or Foe
You won’t get unanimous agreement on this: Is it better to go it alone in the face of Amazon or should you just join ‘em, if you can’t beat ‘em? Amazon’s marketplace provides a powerful channel, but it’s not all upside, a retail veteran explains.
Going global doesn’t have to be hell
Going global doesn’t
have to be hell
Doing retail right domestically is hard enough. So, what kind of masochist looks to go international, which introduces so many unknowns? Turns out expanding into new countries doesn’t have to be torture. Really. We found a shipping expert who can explain why.



Jasper — Easily manage and sync all your product information — everywhere
The Jasper product information management system saves incredible amounts of staff time by maintaining accurate, end-to-end product information for all of your brands and marketplaces, reducing data errors and redundancy, providing powerful merchandising capability, and seamlessly synchronizing product inventory and pricing data consistently across all sales channels.

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Yep. The Supreme Court sales tax ruling benefits Amazon
Amazon is Teflon. A recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling, potentially adding to online retailer’s tax burden, has many merchants’ stomachs in knots. Not Amazon. Here’s why. — CNBC

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What do you mean we’re all out?
Managing inventory can be a real pain for online merchants. Want some tips on how to avoid trouble? Ora Organic CTO Sebastian Bryers has some tips, learned the hard way. — Internet Retailer

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Sometimes you gotta take a chance
In the omnichannel era, retail is all about experience. The boldest merchants are not afraid to take a flier — like Costco’s food court replacing brats with plant-based protein salads. — The Seattle Times

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East, Meet West: eTail East
Headed for eTail East in Boston on Aug. 6 through 9? How about stopping by and saying hi. We’ve got some good stuff to show you. Promise.

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