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November 2018

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Mike Cassidy
Ecommerce transformation shifts into hyperdrive
Mike Cassidy

When you look out over the retail and ecommerce landscape at the end of 2018, does the word “unsettled” come to mind?

Hey, it’s better than chaotic. This month we’re taking a look at where all this is going — and, in fact, why where it’s all going isn’t so good for some.
Sears, meet Allbirds
We’re living through an historic shift in retail: The rise of the digital natives. How are they different from the OG retailers and what can legacy retail learn?
The season of taking is here
There’s plenty to think about in the midst of the holiday hurly-burly. Don’t forget to balance building a friction-free buying experience with protecting yourself from opportunistic fraudsters.
Retail apocalypse? Please
Retail is on fire with the holiday season expected to be a record-breaker, revenue-wise. Why one expert says retail is enjoying a robust renaissance unlike anything seen in years.
What do you mean by “experience?”
No self-respecting retailer can get through the day without mentioning “customer experience.” But the question is: What do they mean when they say it? Some customer-experience food for thought.
Acadaca is a full-service commerce agency serving the entire online ecosystem on an a la carte, but often highly-integrated, basis. Its services include research and branding, user experience and creative design, platform integrations, ecommerce operations and digital marketing. Acadaca brings its own proprietary technology to the marketplace – including a site speed optimizer, an accessibility compliance tool and business intelligence software.
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DeGeneres and the Jenners know how to move merch. — Variety
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CVS’s Aetna acquisition will mean concept stores focused on keeping customers well. — CNBC
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There’s a reason Toys R Us went out of business — Digiday
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Half the retail world will descend on Manhattan Jan. 13 through 15 for NRF’s Big Show. Looking for a friendly face? Come see us.
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