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April 2019

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Chris Martinez
Customer experience can make or break your business
Chris Martinez

If you’re tired of hearing about how much customer experience means to your business, now is not the time to tune out. Customer experience is critical to your success — good customer experience helps brands grow, while bad experiences can damage your business beyond repair.

Building a strong customer experience program requires investments in time, money, and company culture. If this sounds difficult, it’s not. You just have to know where to start. Take cues from companies already thriving in the field, for starters. We’re sharing in this month’s newsletter insights and strategies for building a better customer experience, plus a view into European Union-centric concerns for the globally-minded ecommerce retailer.
Stance is honored with Signifyd’s FLOW Award for customer experience
Stance built a customer experience with a sense of community that turned customers into fans. In nearly 10 years in business, Stance’s brand has grown into a must-have for sock connoisseurs looking for Marvel superheroes, favorite sports teams, and floral and fanciful scenes to wear on their feet. Stance Executive Vice President of Direct to Consumer Paul Zaengle accepted the award at Signifyd’s most recent FLOW event.
What the European Union’s cross-border parcel delivery policy means to global ecommerce
In March 2018, the European Parliament adopted a proposal to make the cross-border parcel delivery market more transparent and competitive and to reduce the barriers consumers and e-retailers encounter when purchasing and selling products online in the EU. The new trend toward data protection, privacy and transparency is relevant to your interests as an ecommerce retailer, especially for improving your customer experience.
Building better customer experiences with chargeback management from start to finish
Signifyd’s new Chargeback Recovery provides a solution for merchants to manage chargebacks throughout the buying journey. Our strategy and operations leader Elizabeth Force answers a few of merchants’ most common questions about Signifyd’s newest product.
Brexit confusion reigns for retailers in the face of serial votes
We talked with UK retail consultant Natalie Berg earlier this year about the challenges that come with Brexit uncertainty. Berg, founder of NBK Retail, shares some of her thoughts in a brief video interview on our blog.
Forix is a digital agency headquartered in Portland, Oregon, that specializes in ongoing Magento website support, integrations, and conversion-rate-optimization services. It is a premier Magento Enterprise Partner with a 100-plus person team including over 60 Magento trained professionals. With over 10 years of industry experience, Forix can help provide any solution you need to get the best return from your Magento website investment.
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Expanding into new countries is a powerful way to grow a business. But expanding into new countries can feel risky, especially when you’ve never done it before. “The Right Strategy for Every Market” provides a roadmap for entering new markets and growing faster than your wildest projections. In partnership with Magento, Akeneo, DHL, Vertex, and Worldpay.
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Beginning next month, PayPal will no longer refund sellers’ fees when a buyer asks for their money back—meaning sellers will pay a 2.9 percent commission on the sale, which will no longer be returned if they give a full or partial refund. —
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New technology plays a critical role in evolving the retail experience, and brands like HSN and QVC have unique opportunities to serve their loyal customer base. — National Retail Federation
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Rite Aid vice president of digital marketing and commerce Dean Bowerman shared his nine pillars of ecommerce at the recent Adobe Summit in Las Vegas and detailed the strategy that has led to Rite Aid’s success. — ICX Association
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Join Signifyd at Richmond Retail & eCommerce Directors’ Forum 2019 on April 30 in Wishaw, Sutton Coldfield. This is your opportunity to connect with like-minded UK-based retail professionals with 180 senior retailers and 75 retail service providers in attendance. Grow your network and learn something new all in one day. Introduce yourself at the event!
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Join Zonos on April 26 at 11 a.m. PST for a discussion on international ecommerce fraud and how to manage the risks involved. The webinar will include a live conversation with Chris Jow, Signifyd’s senior partner development manager.
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