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February 2019

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Mike Cassidy
Retaining retail customers takes patience and commitment
Mike Cassidy

Retailers are in the midst of doing the hard work of keeping the customers they attracted during the holiday shopping season. It is both an art and a science. And while there is no one playbook to ensure success, there are some common themes that experts talk about.

Building loyalty and customer lifetime value means retailers need to care for and about their customers long before and long after they click the buy button. Serve your customers with meaningful content before a purchase and be prepared with answers after the purchase is made. We talked to experts and we’re sharing their insights in this month’s newsletter.
Content can help you beat Amazon
Be patient with consumers. Give them content that informs and educates. Soon they will be customers and eventually they’ll be fans. Wisdom from Episerver on using content to compete with Amazon.
Order spikes can be a year-round challenge
Retailers gear up for the winter holiday shopping season. But order spikes can happen during the rest of the year, too. AI can prevent merchants from being overwhelmed.
Attracting a customer is one thing — keeping one is a whole other challenge
Retailers’ relationship with a customer doesn’t end at the buy button. Eng Tan of Simplr talks about what it takes to build lasting relationships and customer lifetime value.
Brexit has UK retailers fearing the unknown
The looming Brexit deadline is wreaking havoc with UK retailers, not so much because of what it will mean, but because no one is quite sure what it does mean. A deep dive.
As a full-service digital commerce agency, we strive to help our clients grow their brands and optimize their digital presence. We have worked with a lot of great companies, doing everything from ecommerce website development, to designing brand identities, to driving traffic through digital marketing, to optimizing user experiences (UX), to developing digital strategies, and everything in-between.
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Amazon is buying planes and opening air hubs to expand its logistics. — CNBC
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Holiday sales looked great, until they didn’t. — MarketWatch
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Here’s what six retail executives say successful stores will look like. — Retail Dive
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It’s more than just talk when retail’s brightest minds congregate in Las Vegas. Come see Signifyd at Booth #4316, March 3-6, and we’ll share actionable ideas.
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Come visit with Signifyd at one of the most significant gatherings of fraud and risk professionals of the year. Find us at Booth #515 or schedule a meeting.
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Signifyd, the world’s largest provider of guaranteed fraud protection, enables ecommerce retailers to provide friction-free buying experiences by shifting fraud liability away from merchants.

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