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Kensium is a technology partner that develops and deploys best-in-class ecommerce platforms tailored to our clients’ unique business offering and complexities. Kensium has helped deliver ecommerce strategies for hundreds of online merchants, from small businesses to billion-dollar enterprises.

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Kensium Solutions

Location: Chicago, USA, Los Angeles, USA, Chennai, India, Bangalore, India, Hyderabad, India

Supported regions: NORAM

Supported platforms: Magento, Acumatica, BigCommerce

Offerings/Specialties: Security, Strategy, Design, Digital Marketing, Ecommerce ERP Connection

Kensium specializes in the following: Strategy - Kensium understands that all the elements of your business are strategically focused on your business goals. Our design and development process enables our practice area experts to discover, collaborate and innovate winning go-to-market strategies for our clients. Design - Our designs begin with a layer of industry best practices, coupled with years of analysis in user experience, conversion and data-driven design. The work of our insightful and experienced design team results in highly functional websites that puts more money in clients’ pockets.

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Digital Marketing - Rank higher in search engines by optimizing technical SEO. Our digital marketing team will audit your website to find opportunities to improve infrastructure and communication with search engines. Routine refinements to technical SEO will increase traffic and conversion rates in your digital marketing campaigns. Our reports will shape your digital marketing campaigns. We sift through data to provide a clean, comprehensive report that fuels actionable insights.

Ecommerce-ERP Connection - In addition to being a system implementer for ecommerce platforms, Kensium also has a full-service ERP practice, making us the only partner with expertise in both ecommerce and ERP under one roof. We specialize in Acumatica Cloud ERP and have created our series of Connector products, which seamlessly integrates ecommerce and ERP together by bi-directionally syncing sales orders, customer data, product info, inventory, shipping data and more, all in real time.

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Collaboration on fraud protection

In this article, Kensium and Signifyd collaborated on a fraud protection guide for the holiday season. Take a peek at how Signifyd’s Commerce Protection Platform now protects the largest network of merchants globally. Their flagship product harnesses machine learning and artificial intelligence to protect merchants.

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