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Signifyd vs Cybersource

Everything you need to know to select the right commerce protection for your business. Guaranteed.

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First off, we'd like to give a nod to Cybersource for the role they played in the formation of the fraud prevention category and the groundwork they laid for technologies emerging today. But consumer expectations and new digital experiences require a new breed of fraud prevention technology. One that can keep up with large enterprise needs, without adding headcount. One that can support expedited fulfillment and omnichannel experiences. One that predicts instead of reacts.

At Signifyd, we call that Commerce Protection.

How many good orders are you turning away with Cybersource?

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Why do ecommerce merchants choose Signifyd's Commerce Protection Platform over Cybersource?

Signifyd unlocks fearless growth.

The #1 blocker to growth is fear.

While Cybersource approaches order review and fraud management from the lens of preventing losses, Signifyd's Commerce Protection Platform solves what represents the bigger loss for merchants - sales falsely declined due to fear of fraud.

With Signifyd's financial guarantee on approved orders eliminating fraud losses and review queues out of the equation, merchants are empowered to sell more and sell creatively - whether that be by experimenting with omnichannel, expanding cross-border, or launching competitive offerings like same-day shipping or free & flexible returns. These in-demand digital experiences break with legacy fraud prevention under the hood.

On average, merchants who switch from Cybersource to Signifyd see an increase in approval rates of 5‑9%.1

Signifyd helps merchants get ahead of fraud.

Backed by the world's largest network of merchants, Signifyd's ML‑powered decision engine spots emerging fraud rings and abuse vectors to proactively protect your business.

With 98% of online purchases made by shoppers previously seen across Signifyd's Commerce Network, this also means that genuine customers are recognized instantaneously, allowing for automated customer experiences without manual delays.

In contrast, Cybersource only protects your business from the fraud you have previously encountered. It requires that you build and manage rules in reaction to the fraud that occurs on your site - leaving you consistently one step behind fraudsters.

With Signifyd's guaranteed protection, merchants pay $0 in fraud losses.

Signifyd protects merchants and their customers across the entire shopper journey.

If you focus solely on protection at checkout, fraud will emerge at other points across the customer journey.

That's why Signifyd's Commerce Protection Platform comprehensively protects your customer experience from early stage interactions like account creation to post-sale touchpoints like returns - all while defending your business from fraud.

Learn more about the Commerce Protection Platform

Signifyd scales with merchants.

Manual processes break down in the face of scaling demand, leaving Cybersource merchants with a choice - hire more and more headcount to manage an increasingly resource-intensive rules engine or leverage an automated solution at a fraction of the cost.

Signifyd's automated solution was built for growth. Protection is configurable to your unique business needs and can be adapted as you scale - from automated recommendations to guaranteed protection during peak seasons to complete chargeback protection across your entire digital storefront.

However you choose to customize your Signifyd protection, 100% of decisions are delivered automatically.

Hear from merchants who made the leap from Cybersource to Signifyd.

“Since using Signifyd, we’ve added thousands of dollars in revenue we would normally have declined. They are accepting risk for orders our previous provider was declining, meaning we’re seeing more sales with the same level of effort.”

— Jon Gerhard Sr. Digital Director Lacoste

Hear from merchants who made the leap from Cybersource to Signifyd.

"Cybersource could not scale with our business. We had 3 members of our finance team managing the manual review process prior to switching from Cybersource to Signifyd. Now that process is automated. Signifyd has been both extremely effective and efficient. Switching to Signifyd was the right move for a rapid growth retailer like ourselves, as the platform's comprehensive protection against fraud and abuse across the shopper journey gives us the freedom to focus on converting customers rather than mitigating losses."

- Elizabeth Capriotti Executive Director Global eCommerce ZO Health

Hear from merchants who made the leap from Cybersource to Signifyd.

"With our previous solution, it was on us to make decisions based on the limited amount of data that we had across our business. But with Signifyd, we suddenly had visibility into customer behavior and fraud trends across thousands of global merchants."

- Debbie Pinckard CFO Mack's Prairie Wings


2022 Leading Vendors to the Top 1000 Online Retailers report

A data-driven analysis ranking Signifyd #1
in Payment Security and Fraud Prevention


1. Cybersource displacement data.