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Apparel, Accessories & Footwear

Trends, insights and best practices for the apparel vertical

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Apparel, Accessories & Footwear

Trends, insights and best practices for the apparel vertical

Ecommerce Pulse Insights

Online apparel, accessories & footwear sales are affected by all kinds of outside influences — the season, the style, pop culture, the economy and recently by COVID-19, shelter-at-home and job losses.

“We’re having a great experience with Signifyd. Their technology has boosted our approval rate by nearly 25 percentage points, to better than 99%. It’s accelerated our fulfillment across the board — and by days in some cases. And it’s increased our customer satisfaction to the point that we really don’t have complaints about declined orders anymore.”

— Anthony Milano, Vice President of Ecommerce at Boardriders

Omnichannel & 360 Customer View

Your customers are more sophisticated and demanding than ever. In order to serve them, you need to know what they want, when they want it, how they want to buy it and what gets in their way when they’re trying to patronize you. You need data — data that provides a single source of truth for your entire organization.

Carson Finkle of Tenth Street Hats talks about
selling apparel direct-to-consumers

Why You Need a
Direct-to-Consumer Strategy

Direct-to-consumer brands have upended the apparel, accessories & footwear vertical. The ability to build a personal relationship with customers and to know them intimately through their data has allowed retailers to provide a superior customer experience.

Forrester Analyst Michelle Beeson takes a deep dive into direct-to-consumer and explains in this webinar why every retailer today needs to embrace the model in order to keep up with customer expectations.

Apparel: Searching for Customer Love in the Era of Direct-to-Consumer

By controlling their own manufacturing, shipping and service, direct-to-consumer apparel, accessories & footwear startups have been able to quickly create innovative customer experiences. Warby Parker disrupted eyeglasses with try-at-home frames and easy returns. Stitch Fix offers home-delivered personalization. See what it takes to prosper today.

Apparel: Searching for Customer Love in the Era of Direct-to-Consumer

The Benefit of Taking Full Control Over Your Entire Buyer’s Journey

When everyone in a retail organization can see where customers are encountering friction — order authorization, fraud review, fulfillment, post-order complications — and where revenue is leaking, it’s much easier to fix the problem. Signifyd can show you how to achieve a comprehensive vision that allows you to eliminate friction without putting the enterprise at risk. Let us help.

Apparel retailer's bleed nearly 18%
of orders — without knowing it

The Signifyd Impact

Mitchell & Ness increased its cross-border order approval rate by 15% when it turned to Signifyd. Its overall approval rate got a 12% boost. That can make all the difference in the world for any apparel retailer. To read this apparel case study as well as others visit our customer section.

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