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Customers take to G2 to declare Signifyd best in show 

You don't have to wrestle with fraud and customer abuse chargebacks

We can help you perform fearless commerce

Signifyd’s customers have once again honored the Commerce Protection Platform provider by propelling it to the top of six of G2 performance categories in its Spring 2020 analysis of fraud detection in ecommerce and protection providers.

G2 named Signifyd the Leader in fraud protection and ranked it as the Momentum Leader, the Most Implementable, the firm with the Best Relationship, the Best Usability and the Fastest Implementation.

The honors, or “badges,” represent  the latest in a series of awards Signifyd customers have bestowed upon the company through the G2 platform. G2 bases its rankings on reviews posted by fraud detection and protection company customers — reviews that G2 verifies and compares against the reviews of competitors. 

And while it is gratifying to be bragged about and supported by our customers, for Signifyd the important thing about the recognition is that it shows we put customer-centricity at the center of every step we take to ensure our customers’ success. A display of six G2 badges awarded to Signifyd in Spring 2020

“Besides the technology, the team at Signifyd is super engaged all the time and is always looking for ways to improve and help your business. As a customer we get access to their rich dashboard, which can be used to look into specific cases as well as overall trends. Super transparent. Bottom line — great technology, great people, super transparent,” Samsung Global Head of Products, Ecommerce Kumar N. Senthil wrote on the G2 site.

Signifyd was founded on a foundation of customer-centricity

Signifyd was founded in 2011 by CEO Raj Ramanand and Chief Product Officer Michael Liberty who thought it unfair that online retailers were financially responsible for acts of fraud committed against them. Merchants, they thought, shouldn’t have to become experts in online fraud. 

The customer’s need is central to Signifyd’s origin story. And so it’s a comfort to know that as the company has grown, Signifyd has successfully added  products to its portfolio and layered its solutions with more and more advanced technology, all the while keeping customers at the heart of what we do.

Beginning with a guaranteed fraud product that put the company’s money behind Ramanand’s and Liberty’s belief that merchants shouldn’t be on the hook for fraud, the company has added tools and guarantees to manage and ameliorate the pain from consumer abuse chargebacks.

Signifyd expanded beyond the U.S. borders, bringing the same protection to merchants globally. In Europe, the company provided EU merchants with a unique and innovative solution to fight fraud while providing shoppers with a better customer experience. Moreover, Signifyd Seamless SCA will ensure that those merchants are fully compliant with the requirements brought on by PSD2 and its strong customer authentication regulations. 

The Commerce Protection Platform is Signifyd’s latest innovation

And this year, Signifyd launched its Commerce Protection Platform and released its Business Continuity Package in response to the unprecedented disruption brought upon retail by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Commerce Protection Platform, powered by artificial intelligence, automates order flow and instantaneously sorts fraudulent orders from legitimate ones. It triages chargebacks resulting from customer disputes and future-proofs retailers against changing payments regulations. And it backs up its work with a financial guarantee.  

The Business Continuity Package, designed to help keep retailers running during the pandemic, provides new Signifyd clients free access to the Commerce Protection Platform’s Agent Console and Insights Dashboard. The console includes all transaction risk-scoring services. The dashboard includes real-time analytics of ecommerce trends and benchmarking data across Signifyd’s global Commerce Network. 

The package also includes Signifyd’s Dynamic Review Capacity. Merchants availing themselves of the feature pay only for orders they would have sent to manual review in normal times. 

While we are pleased that our customers recognize our efforts to expand the way Signifyd powers fearless commerce, the accolades belong as much to our customers as to ourselves. Our customers inform our products and services through regular, informal conversations and through more structured exchanges, such as those with our Customer Advisory Board

In that way, our customers are our vital partners. And for that, we’d like to say thank you.

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Mike Cassidy

Mike Cassidy

Mike is the head of storytelling at Signifyd. A former journalist and a retail geek, he covers ecommerce and the way technology is transforming digital commerce. Contact him at [email protected].