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Introducing Signifyd Power Search – Beat fraudsters at their own game with advanced pattern detection

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“The State of Commerce 2023” report

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In today’s world of constantly advancing fraudsters, fighting fraud is a game of chess. Every order decision requires an in-the-moment calculation of the best possible move given the information available and quick action to keep your opponent on their toes. And that’s just the bare minimum to keep you in the game – obtaining the upper hand requires you to anticipate your opponent’s next move. 

And how do you do that? Every past action by a fraudster provides a clue about their most likely next move. That’s why Signifyd automatically cross-references every incoming order against a shopper’s order history at your storefront and across ecommerce as a whole – surfacing less obvious connections to fraud and abuse.

And today, with the introduction of an innovative new tool called Power Search, Signifyd is providing its customers with unprecedented visibility into this order-linking analysis. With Power Search, merchants can identify patterns of fraud and proactively take action by reviewing orders across a two-year time frame, linking identities with six common identifiers and evaluating transactions across 30 different order fields.

Power Search demystifies superior fraud pattern recognition

Using Power Search, merchants can: 

Identify fraud risk with a bigger picture

Whereas traditional fraud prevention solutions assess risk purely at the transaction level (intra-order anomalies), Signifyd’s decision engine also cross-references incoming orders against historical transaction and behavioral data – revealing suspicious order connections (inter-order anomalies). 

That’s why an order that appears legitimate in isolation may be deemed risky and declined by Signifyd. In these instances, a merchant may want to review Signifyd’s decision to ensure there are no false declines – and Power Search gives merchants that additional peace of mind.

A merchant can leverage Power Search to quickly display second- and third-degree connections to fraudulent activity. For example, a merchant can use Power Search to determine when a delivery address for a given order has been used in past orders that resulted in a chargeback.

A new process for identifying fraud

Power Search introduces a new way for merchants to see a much bigger picture about that particular buyer so they can make an informed decision. 

Examples of intra-order anomalies

  • Failed billing address verification (AVS mismatch) 
  • IP address and  billing address mismatch
  • Failed email address verification
  • Cardholder name mismatch 
  • Proxy / VPN use detected 
Examples of inter-order anomalies

  • IP address has never before appeared across order history
  • Significant delta in order frequency or cart value 
  • Delivery address tied to past fraud 
  • Multiple orders with unique delivery addresses linked to a risky device 

Field customer inquiries with confidence

To provide the best possible experience for customers, it is typical for merchants to offer shoppers an opportunity to contact customer service when an order has been deemed risky. 

When providing buyers with this opportunity, it’s important that the merchant’s customer service rep has a clear view of all order data pertaining to the individual shopper so that they can make accurate and informed decisions in the moment. 

Power Search gives support reps just that – a clear snapshot of why an order was declined – allowing them to take appropriate action on customer inquiries with confidence. 

Leverage insights to deploy more effective business policies

Fraudsters deploy multiple tactics to obscure connections to past scams. With the use of Power Search, merchants can quickly identify order connections in their transaction history to bring suspicious activity to light.

Pairing Power Search with Decision Center allows merchants to turn those insights into more effective policies around common abuse patterns such as promo abuse, unauthorized resellers, gift card fraud and more. 

Try as they might to cover their tracks, fraudsters leave a trail of clues in their wake. With Power Search, you can uncover these telltale signs of sinister activity and stop fraudsters in their tracks.  

Beat fraudsters at their own game with Power Search. 

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Camila Cardenas

Camila Cardenas

Camila Cardenas is a Signifyd product marketing manager.