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Connect the dots across your order history

Fraudsters leave a trail of clues in their wake. Power Search helps you uncover them.


Connect the dots across your order history

Fraudsters leave a trail of clues in their wake. Power Search helps you uncover them.

Fraudsters employ innumerable tactics
to obscure their connection to fraud

While one order in isolation may appear legitimate, compromising connections come to light when the order is taken in the context of a merchant’s transaction history. Without that context, fraudsters can easily slip under the radar.

Follow the breadcrumbs with Power Search

Try as they might to cover their tracks, fraudsters leave tell‑tale clues of sinister activity in their wake.

Power Search allows merchants to review transactions at a network level across a wide timeframe, thereby uncovering patterns between orders indicative of risky or fraudulent activity.

How it works

Run queries across your order history

Search by over 20 order variables like cardholder name, email address, IP address, shipping and billing and more.

Refine search results using filters to discover less obvious connections between orders.

Investigate order connections to uncover fraud patterns

To take proactive action against emerging fraud and abuse trends, it’s critical to understand individual orders within the context of your order history.

Review fraud at a network level to discover relationships between orders that share key order data points — bringing those fraud trends to light.

Verify unusual orders from your VIP customers

Just as important, Power Search provides the data deep dive to prove your good customers are who they say they are.

New international shipping address? High order value? Validate “gray area” orders by confirming a shoppers’ clean bill of legitimate transactions.

Leverage insights to deploy more effective business policies

Power Search gives you insight into the specific manifestations of fraud and abuse impacting your business.

Merchants pair Power Search with Decision Center to turn those insights into more effective policies around common use cases such as promo abuse, unauthorized resellers, employee discounts and more.

Beat fraudsters at their own games

Mule fraud

An individual shopper, who looks legitimate in isolation, has ties to a delivery address associated with past fraud.

Account Takeover

An order is placed using an account with a last login of 2 years prior. Analysis of order history reveals a discrepancy in IP address alongside a big jump in AOV. Similar patterns are then identified across other customer accounts.

Promo abuse

A seemingly new shopper leverages a sign‑up promo. Their IP address connects them to several synthetic accounts with similar email naming conventions.

Gift card fraud

Billing and IP addresses are within close proximity, the account is mature and email is tied to the cardholder. But high order value matches gift card purchases made in quick succession across your business – indicating foul play.

Reseller abuse

A large value order is made using a credit card with low total orders. Power Search reveals history of multiple large orders targeting specific SKUs associated with the billing and shipping address.