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Denver is one of the fastest growing metropolitan centers in the U.S. as it offers a high quality of life for a wide segment of the population & is a catalyst for economic prosperity through innovation.

Denver Office

Here at our Denver Office

Signifyd’s Denver office is geographically at the heart of our rapidly expanding sales operation. In particular, it means our dedicated sales professionals are in close proximity to some of North America’s largest brands.

Few markets provide the kind of high-quality talent pool available in the Denver area and we are looking forward to growing our team with some of the best sales, business development and account management professionals in the country.

We work hard, are passionate about our careers and development and we know how to have fun. Oh, and, we just might be the place for you.

Zachary T.

Commercial Account Executive

Signifyd is, in and of itself, an amazing opportunity. Being at Signifyd in Denver is icing on the cake. In this office, you have exposure to senior-level leadership sitting right across from you, so that you have a true pulse of the company, despite not being at HQ.

Signifyd’s decision to come to Denver makes a lot of sense. This is one of the world’s best talent pools, and it provides exposure to some of the biggest retailers in the United States and Canada. I can’t wait to see how we grow, adding account managers, business development folks, and top sales people. It’s a productive, fun environment that is going to become even more so. If you’re looking for a company that not only has a best-in-class product, but also takes the development of its employees seriously, Signifyd is that place.

Zachary T.

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