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Signifyd ranks #1 in payment security & fraud prevention for the third year in a row. Download the report


Take charge of chargebacks for your merchants

Seamlessly recover lost revenue for merchants with Signifyd’s fully automated payout process to chargeback fraud.


Take charge of chargebacks for your merchants

Seamlessly recover lost revenue for merchants with Signifyd’s fully automated payout process to chargeback fraud.

Signifyd Chargeback Recovery was designed to streamline the review and representment process for all chargebacks. Machine learning and expert review highlight indicators of foul play while dispute automation services contest abusive chargebacks automatically. Zero abusive customers go unchallenged, merchant reputation is protected and maximum revenue is recovered.

Get Seamless Coverage for merchants with Signifyd’s Chargeback Recovery

Seamless coverage for merchants

Chargeback Recovery enables seamless reimbursements, with claims paid before you know your merchant has a chargeback.

Increase revenue

Increase your revenue and merchant retention through reselling value added services for new revenue streams.

Monitor and optimize

Insights into chargeback trends and recovery performance keep you in charge of your merchant’s chargebacks.

Trusted by the world’s leading brands

“As the global ecommerce market continues to grow and payments and checkout needs become more complex, merchants require more sophisticated solutions to optimize transaction acceptance while protecting commerce. We are continually impressed with Signifyd’s innovative approach to this market need and our partnership with them has helped us unlock better experiences for both our merchants and their shoppers.”

— Jim Johnson
, Head of Merchant Solutions

How it works

Integrate with your existing tech stack

Send order, fulfillment and chargeback data in real-time using pre-built Signifyd plugins or connect directly via API. 

With all transaction data accounted for, Signifyd’s machine learning model analyzes existing documentations, processes and more – ensuring specific policies are accounted for when evaluating claims.

Strengthen dispute claims with intent intelligence

Signifyd cross-references incoming chargebacks with the Signifyd Commerce Network to identify shoppers with a history of chargeback fraud. Historical and intent data is packaged alongside evidence gathered from the order, fulfillment and chargeback data, proving that the order was successfully delivered to automatically build the strongest case possible.

Detect the lies and trust
the good guys

Abusive chargebacks are challenged automatically while legitimate claims are recognized and honored. Evidence documentation is customized for each PSP and bank by chargeback type to optimize for the highest chance of acceptance.

Track win rates as they rise by over 50%

Chargeback Recovery Insights provide a clear picture of case status and win rates over time, so chargeback recovery performance and return on investment is always clear.

Chargeback Recovery Insights

Chargeback Recovery Insights makes analysis of a merchant’s chargeback prevention performance thorough, quick and easy.

1. A one-stop shop

Seamlessly view high-level overviews and dive deeper into the cases run through Chargeback Recovery that you need.

2. Efficient workflow

Chargeback Recovery data is consolidated for easy review.

3. Reliable, automated tracking

Data is automatically pulled from Chargeback Recovery, so you always have the most up-to-date metrics to measure ROI.

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