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Commerce Protection Platform

One platform to protect the entire shopper journey end‑to‑end

Protection that keeps you and your customers safe,
so you can sell more and grow fearlessly.

Commerce Protection Platform

One platform to protect the entire shopper journey end‑to‑end

Protection that keeps you and your customers safe, so you can sell more and grow fearlessly.

Commerce Protection Platform

Commerce Protection Platform

Commerce network

Join forces with the world’s leading brands to protect revenue

The Signifyd Commerce Network unites identity and intent intelligence data from thousands of global ecommerce retailers to proactively block emerging fraud trends while instantly recognizing and streamlining legitimate customers through the path to purchase. 98% of online purchases today are made by consumers previously seen across the Commerce Network.


Remain in the driver seat of order automation

The Agent Console gives merchants full visibility into order processing and decisioning. Dig into order details including summaries, recommendations and the corresponding source data to discover why Signifyd approved or denied a transaction. Augment order decisions with manually sourced information to resubmit for order processing and decisioning. Ultimate control lies in the hands of you and your agents.


Keep business performance at the forefront

Insights Reporting drills into transactional data across your business, surfacing insights on performance health across segments such as geographies, product lines or payment methods. Build custom data visualization and reports to keep track of business performance over time or complement your existing business intelligence systems with data from Insight Reporting.


Decide how you define and block abuse

Decision Center gives your risk team the ability to build policies unique to your definition of abuse while automating processes at scale. Draw on insights from the Commerce Network and data specific to your business to ensure policies effectively block consumer abuse without impacting customer experience. Pre-built policy sets and abuse-specific variables help merchants to target emerging trends like promotion abuse, unauthorized resellers, return abuse and more. Our industry-tenured team of risk intelligence professionals are at the ready to offer additional expertise and support.


Eliminate fraud and automate customer experience

Signifyd’s Fraud Protection solution leverages machine learning models to contextualize insights from the Commerce Network with merchant- and vertical-specific data – delivering automated order decisions with unparalleled accuracy. Opt for a complete liability shift with Guaranteed Fraud Protection and receive a 100% financial guarantee against fraud for all Signifyd-approved orders.

Guaranteed fraud protection

Automated recommendations


Reward good customers while thwarting abuse

Abuse Prevention combines merchant-set Decision Center policies with active monitoring of consumer chargebacks and proactive consulting on best practices for business processes and policies. Integration of chargeback data with payment gateways as well as automated dispute of abusive chargebacks prevent future abuse without putting unwelcome friction into the shopping experience for legitimate customers.

Policy protection

Guatanteed INR protection

Return abuse prevention


Provide the smoothest path to purchase for your customers

In a complex and highly regulated payment ecosystem, Payment Optimization puts customer experience first – ensuring that when your customers want to make a purchase, nothing stands in the way. By conducting transaction risk analysis (TRA) pre-authorization and enriching orders sent out for authorization with data from the Commerce Network, Signifyd gives banks the confidence to authorize orders that otherwise would have been falsely declined and accept orders routed via exemption pathways for those merchants adhering to regional SCA regulations.

Auth rate optimization

SCA exemption management

Protection that extends across the entire shopper journey