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Precision Camera & Video

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Precision Camera & Video

Precision Camera & Video's online business is growing rapidly and Signifyd's Guaranteed Fraud Protection ensures they can accept every order without fraud or chargebacks.


Reduction in Cases Reviewed


Increase in Accepted Orders

Chargeback Losses

Accept Every Order Without Fraud or Chargebacks

Precision Camera & Video was founded by Jerry and Rosemary Sullivan in 1976 in Austin, Texas. It’s probably the biggest camera and video store between New York and LA. It’s also one of the few places where you can buy, rent and get equipment repaired in one place.

Precision Camera & Video has extended their in-store hospitality to their online business with free shipping for orders over $200, free in-store pick up and free local delivery. Their goal is to take care of customers online as if there were right there in the store. That’s why real humans pick up the phone to answer questions when customers call.

Precision Camera & Video moved to BigCommerce to ensure their online experience was seamless for their customers. They’ve made shopping, comparisons and payments really easy, which is key because some customers need a lot of comparison while others are ready to buy what they need for their next project. They have complete flexibility on their site with best practices to drive conversion baked right in to the platform, so they’re not missing any opportunities.

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Because of their wide variety of products, Precision Camera & Video sees customers come to their site from many different channels, including search, social and their outbound special offers. But this is also why they hate turning down customers or being unsure of whether they should or shouldn’t ship an order, especially when the customer is asking for rush delivery.

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Signifyd has helped Precision Camera & Video eliminate fraud and chargebacks so they can accept a lot more orders and ship them out immediately, knowing they’re covered by Signifyd’s financial guarantee against fraud and chargebacks. The team at Precision Camera & Video used to do hours of manual review on orders, especially higher value orders, but now they get an immediate decision, backed by a financial guarantee.

So they’re able to serve more customers online and in-store and scale their business significantly with the same great service that drives their customer satisfaction and loyalty. And that’s important, because that’s why Jerry and Rosemary started the business over 40 years ago and that’s why their customers love them.


“Signifyd has helped us eliminate fraud and chargebacks as we can accept a lot more orders, and ship them out immediately, knowing we're covered by Signifyd.”

Sarah Hoffman

Head of Online Sales

Eliminate fraud and accept
more orders with Signifyd