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About the webinar

Revenue Protection | Abuse Prevention | Payments Optimization
This webinar will dive into Signifyd’s consumer sentiment survey data (updated for 2020), which looks at how consumers respond to false declines, how safe consumers believe their personally identifiable information to be and in what verticals they’ve experienced false charges on their accounts.
Consumers are becoming far savvier about data breaches and the effect that the vast pool of stolen credentials can have on them personally. The heightened awareness is a good thing, but also an added pressure for merchants.

Signifyd’s 2019 Consumer Sentiment Survey indicates that as consumers become better educated about breaches, the dark web and the rapid increase of online fraud, they are demanding that businesses — retailers in particular — take the necessary steps to protect them and their accounts. And it turns out, when fraud happens to them, a majority of consumers (51.2%) hold it against the retailer that they were doing business with — no matter who is at fault.

Attendees will leave this webinar with clear ideas on where to focus their attention along the buyer’s journey to keep the confidence and patronage of increasingly wary customers.


Gayathri Somanath

Gayathri Somanath

Senior Director of Product Management, Signifyd