SIGNIFYD scores 300 risk indicators within seconds to ensure transactions are legit

Know exactly how and when a transaction is suspect along with all the right information to help you make the best decision.

Our Technology + Your Rules + Guaranteed Payments

SIGNIFYD analyzes multiple data sources for the best decision.

  • Device Fingerprint

    Desktop, tablet, game or smartphone console, we'll use data to identify a device uniquely.

  • IP Geo-Location Data

    Identify the geographic origin of an order based on the IP address of the customer's browser.

  • Proxy Detection

    Fraudsters bypass geo-location controls by using proxies to spoof their IP addresses.

  • Social Graph

    Data from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more. Know if it's a trusted user.

  • Customer History

    Incorporate past user behavior into your scoring. The more the history, the better the results.

  • Issuing Bank Data

    BIN identifies the institution and location issuing the card, including pre-paid and gift cards.

  • Cross Merchant Blacklists

    Leverage external, cross-industrial blacklists to prevent fraudulent users from buying on your site.

  • Transaction Velocity

    Capture the number of orders a customer or device is attempting, even across merchants.

  • Search Engine

    See unstructured search results for people, email addresses, maps, and more organized elegantly.

  • Public Records

    Reverse lookups on addresses, names and phones from public records and other deep web databases.

Want to Guarantee your Payments?

SIGNIFYD guarantees payments to merchants in the event of fraud on all approved transactions. Merchants only pay SIGNIFYD when a transaction is approved. Read More...

We make fraud review simple

From transaction alerts, to risk indicators, know how and when to act.

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