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Never pay a chargeback again

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Integrate with Signifyd through your e-commerce platform or using our API

Plugins for popular platforms
For many platforms, setting up Signifyd is as simple as clicking a button. No changes to your current e–commerce platform is necessary.

API for every other scenario
Fully documented APIs allow fast and easy integrations. You’ll instantly see orders coming in, with full data enrichment.

Choose your level of protection

Manage fraud yourself using our tools or let us manage it for you

On-Demand Assurance

On-Demand Assurance

You manage fraud on your own and ask us for help on-demand. Get help anytime from a certified fraud expert without worrying about a chargeback.

Complete Assurance

Complete Assurance

Let us review, decide and guarantee all orders for you so you can focus on growing your business. Fraud is not your expertise, so let us take it off your plate.

Watch us work our magic

Weed out your fraudsters using Machine Learning and Human Intelligence

Watch us Work our Magic

Automate your back office

Auto-fulfill your orders
We'll integrate into your fulfillment systems or you can use our webhooks to automate it on your own.

Auto-cancel your orders
Cancel guarantees on orders that have been canceled by your customers. Pay only for orders you get paid on.

Automate Your Back Office with Signifyd

Get paid for chargebacks

Easy claims submission
Submit a claim through a simple web form within the console. All we need is a tracking number and chargeback notice.
(See what chargebacks are eligible for reimbursement here.)

Payouts within 48 hours
We pay you back within 48 hours including chargeback fees and shipping costs. You'll love it.

Zero Fraud Liability with Signifyd

You're in good company

Signifyd has protected over $437 billion worth of products

Zero Fraud Liability with SignifydZero Fraud Liability with Signifyd
Zero Fraud Liability with Signifyd

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Customer success, 24x7

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Signifyd’s Reimbursement Policy

What’s Covered

We cover chargebacks connected with fraud or unauthorized charges, often due to:

  • Stolen account information (account takeover)

  • Stolen financial information

What’s Not Covered

We do not cover chargebacks due to errors made by the merchant, card processor, or shipper, like:

  • Item not received, not as described, or defective/broken

  • Refund not processed

  • Duplicate charges

As long as the chargeback meets the above criteria, we'll cover it and reimburse the full chargeback amount, plus any associated fees. See our full chargeback policy here.