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Signifyd vs Riskified

Everything you need to know to select the right commerce protection for your business. Guaranteed.

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Let’s give credit where credit is due. Next to Signifyd, Riskified is the only other vendor to offer guaranteed protection against fraud on a global scale. The fact that you are evaluating Signifyd and Riskified means that you have already made a smart move for your business by selecting a provider that aligns their own success with yours.

How many good orders are you turning away with Riskified?

Send us your declines for a full breakdown
of the orders we would approve and guarantee.

Why choose Signifyd over Riskified?

Signifyd delivers greater decision accuracy.

Backed by the world’s largest network of merchants, Signifyd’s ML‑powered decision engine spots emerging fraud rings and abuse vectors to proactively protect your business.

With 98% of online purchases made by shoppers previously seen across Signifyd’s Commerce Network, this also means that genuine customers are recognized instantaneously, allowing for automated customer experiences without delays for manual review.

In contrast, Riskified’s decision engine cannot deliver the same approval optimization as it evaluates orders from a more limited network of data.

That’s why GLD Shop saw a 5% increase in order approvals when they switched from Riskified to Signifyd.

Signifyd offers transparency into decisions.

Furthermore, Signifyd provides complete transparency into the data points evaluated for each decision made – available for merchants to drill into in the Agent Console – and business level insights into the performance of your commerce protection program.

By comparison, Riskified offers limited visibility into the inner workings of their decision engine or the “how” behind their delivered results.

This is particularly concerning when it comes to their Approval Rate Guarantee – without visibility into how a decision is being made, can you be sure that only good orders are being approved to achieve your guaranteed rate?

Signifyd gives merchants ultimate control.

Our Decision Center module allows merchants to take the reins and build custom business policies themselves.

Riskified cannot say the same. Their one‑size‑fits‑all approach to protection and lack of coverage at key points in the shopper journey such as return request leaves merchants with little control over how they protect their business.

Signifyd leads with innovation.

Signifyd is consistently first‑to‑market with innovative product offerings, while Riskified plays catch up.

From our groundbreaking launch of Guaranteed Fraud Protection to the custom policy management with Decision Center to Complete Chargeback Protection and Return Abuse Prevention to name a few, we have led the way with the products that solve our customers’ most pressing challenges.

We can do so, put simply, because our model performs exceedingly well. We come to the table with competitive offerings that require a depth of data and experience — which no other vendor can provide.

Hear from merchants who switched from Riskified to Signifyd

“With our previous provider Riskified, we were spending far too much time manually reviewing and approving orders. This was especially problematic with our business model, which relies on weekly drops of exclusive styles in limited quantities. By the time we were able to validate an order, the product would be out of stock! CX seriously suffered and the process simply couldn’t scale.

Implementing Signifyd was like night and day. Our approval rate increased by 8% over what Riskified had delivered and our chargeback rate effectively dropped to zero. Take our word for it, Signifyd is the partner you want powering your order review.”

— Harvind Khosa Head of Ecommerce TRAPSTAR

Hear from merchants who switched from Riskified to Signifyd

“When we ran the models against each other for a period of time, we realized we were making way more money and had far less hassle when working with Signifyd. With the significant pick up in revenue, it made more financial sense to rip out Riskified in advance of the contract end and incur cancellation fees to implement Signifyd right away.”



“2022 Leading Vendors to the Top 1000 Online Retailers” report

A data‑driven analysis ranking Signifyd #1
in Payment Security and Fraud Prevention