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Complete Chargeback Protection

Fraud or not – Signifyd has you covered

Guaranteed protection against fraud
and non‑fraud chargebacks.

Complete Chargeback Protection

Fraud or not – Signifyd has you covered

Guaranteed protection against fraud and non‑fraud chargebacks.

While fraud is the largest contributor to chargeback losses globally, a significant portion of chargebacks result from non-fraud codes as well

Fraud and non-fraud chargebacks alike can be costly for merchants – losses are not limited to the profit loss of the sale itself but also includes needless authorization and processing fees, chargeback fines, time spent manually investigating claims, and potential loss of the merchandise itself. And because issuing banks use a merchant’s chargeback rate as a proxy for their trustworthiness as a business partner, any spike in chargebacks could lead to an equal dip in authorization rates – and sales – over time.

The industry’s only complete liability shift

Signifyd’s Complete Chargeback Protection evaluates orders at checkout and delivers instant decisions backed by a financial guarantee against fraud and non-fraud chargebacks on all approved orders.

Chargeback reasons covered by Complete Chargeback Protection include:

  • Authorisation issues
  • Canceled merchandise
  • Credit Not Processed
  • Duplicate
  • General
  • Fraud (card not present)
  • Processing issues
  • Product Unacceptable / Significantly Not As Described (SNAD)
  • Item Not Received (INR)
  • Subscription Canceled
  • Unrecognised

Key benefits

Approve more good orders

Confidently approve 5-9% more orders that otherwise would have been falsely declined due to fear of fraud or abuse.

Fight chargeback abuse

Signifyd wins 50% more disputes then the industry average and 0 abusive claims go unchallenged – reducing your chargeback rate overall.

Influence higher auth rates

Maintaining a lower chargeback rate leads to higher bank authorization rates over time, so the conversion benefits just keep coming.

Eliminate total chargeback losses

Signifyd has your back. Fraud or not, you’ll never have to worry about a chargeback again.

“What caught my attention about Signifyd was the guarantee, the reimbursement of approved orders, the fact that claims like item-not-received are all covered by the guarantee – it really gives us a peace of mind.”


Never pay a chargeback again.