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Seamless SCA For PSPs

Win over and retain merchants with Seamless SCA

Grow your revenue and provide frictionless checkout experiences for your merchants with Seamless SCA.

Seamless SCA For PSPs

Win over and retain merchants with Seamless SCA

Grow your revenue and provide frictionless checkout experiences for your merchants with Seamless SCA.

Merchants are navigating a new era with PSD2 compliance changes driving new approaches to online payments security. Merchants are looking to payment providers to help them navigate SCA requirements in the most effective way that will protect their revenue and reduce friction at the checkout.

With Signifyd’s Seamless SCA solution, payment providers can help merchants maintain optimal fraud rates and help them regain control of their customer experience at the checkout whilst protecting their revenue.

And whilst the merchant’s customer checkout experience is protected, you can be confident that your revenue and merchant retention will be defended as a result.

Product benefits

Keep fraud rates low

Filter out fraudulent orders to help merchants maintain optimal fraud rates and a positive reputation with issuing banks.

Increase revenue

Increase your revenue and merchant retention through a 1-3% increase in approvals. Whitelabel and resell value-added services for new revenue streams.

Optimise 3DS

Reach higher SCA thresholds and provide more SCA exemptions to your merchants with Signifyd’s TRA and SCA Exemption Management.

Product features

risk analysis

Identify fraudulent transactions using risk intelligence from the largest commerce network available. Ensure only the cleanest traffic is sent to banks for authorisation.

SCA exemption

Identify which transactions fall within the scope of SCA and which qualify for exemptions while accessing the bank’s propensity to accept exemptions – all in real time.

100% guarantee on every approved transaction

A frictionless experience doesn’t need to come with added risk. Signifyd includes a 100% financial guarantee on every exempt and out-of-scope transaction approved, which can act as a new value added service for merchant.

Ready to get started?

How it works

Onboard merchants with one click

Signifyd’s partner API powers a simple on-off integration, allowing you to turn on commerce protection for new merchants with just one click.

Empower merchants with identity and intent intelligence from the world’s largest commerce network

With 98% of online purchases made by consumers previously seen across the Signifyd Commerce Network, legitimate customers are instantly recognised during TRA.

Customise protection at the merchant level

Signifyd Commerce Protection is modular and can be customised based on merchants’ needs. Apply Signifyd’s Guaranteed Fraud Protection on exempted traffic for greater coverage, INR Protection for merchants with heightened levels of abuse, or simply take a second look at declined transactions with internal solutions for maximum revenue impact.

Maximise exemptions to provide the most seamless path to purchase

Signifyd’s SCA Exemption Management solution identifies more exempt traffic than any other provider and safely routes away from unnecessary step ups for seamless CX.

Send clean traffic and enriched data to banks for authorisation

With Signifyd TRA and direct issuer partnerships, you can effortlessly maintain a low overall fraud rate and give banks the confidence to authorise more orders over time.

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