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Signifyd Customer Story: FOREO builds customer experience on guaranteed fraud protection

Direct-to-Consumer Success in Health, Beauty and Cosmetics

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FOREO was founded in Sweden in 2013 with just two employees. Over the last six years, the company has grown into an international powerhouse with over 2,000 employees worldwide. From the very beginning, FOREO has been a trendsetter. What began with its development of beauty and wellness tools became a new product category.

“We are a beauty-tech company because we pair skin-care devices with smart solutions, such as our beauty app,” said Selma Busovaca, FOREO global head of customer care. “We’ve combined these really proven-to-work beauty devices, with what needs to be implemented in beauty today — and that’s apps and devices that you can use as part of your beauty routine at home or on the go.”

FOREO created its innovative beauty and personal care products using technology, research and forward-thinking insights. They strive to inspire self-confidence and deliver professional-level solutions for all.

FOREO’s facial cleansing tools and sonic toothbrushes have won more than 150 awards worldwide and placed on influential “best of” lists in publications such as GQ, Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan and In Style Magazine.

Its presence in brick and mortar, high-end stores like Sephora and Neiman Marcus, plus its successful ecommerce storefront, assures that customers worldwide know the FOREO name. In fact, the company has transcended customers, building more of a fan base of millions of registered users worldwide — and growing.

Smart growth that includes comprehensive fraud management

Success came with its own burdens for FOREO. With the tremendous and rapid growth of sales, FOREO soon realized that it no longer made sense to have its customer care team screen orders for fraud. Instead, the company decided to turn to experts to manage fraud so that its customer care agents could do what they do best — provide superb customer service, including suggesting additional and complementary products and handling any questions their new customers might have.

After all, providing an excellent customer experience is a key ecommerce differentiator and the secret to building lifetime customer value. Not to mention that those who work in customer care were more fulfilled professionally because they could spend their time helping customers rather than determining whether incoming orders were legitimate or fraudulent.

FOREO was determined to make sure that the company could keep up its torrid growth without customers experiencing any friction while shopping for and buying its products.

“When you are growing so rapidly, you need to make sure the end customers do not feel the consequences of that fast growth,” Busovaca said. “They still want to interact with a human being when they have questions or need help.”

Signifyd’s Guaranteed Fraud Protection offers the ideal solution

Signifyd’s model uses big data and machine learning to review orders in real time, which automates order management and speeds delivery times — more than 95% of FOREO orders now arrive when or before they are expected.

“The whole customer experience strategy is based on what a customer will experience from us and what will they share with friends and acquaintances, and will they come back, and so on,” Busovaca says. “Signifyd helped us to move faster with the order approval, shipping and delivery.”

The vast amount of transaction data produced by the Signifyd Commerce Network — millions of transactions from thousands of merchants around the world — means Signifyd understands each order. Busovaca noted that in the early days, her team relied on about 10 attributes to screen for fraud. Signifyd relies on thousands of signals. That dramatically reduces fraudulent orders while ensuring that legitimate orders get shipped to loyal customers.

And Signifyd’s guarantee means that should an approved order turn out to be fraudulent, FOREO is reimbursed for all chargeback fraud costs. Best of all, Signifyd’s Revenue Protection means that FOREO’s customer care agents can focus on providing the kind of service that encourages new customers to buy, while encouraging existing customers to keep coming back.

Results in action: excellent customer experience

FOREO has gone from an operation in which every order was reviewed by a customer care agent, to a global enterprise that has automated its fraud-protection and order management.

Its order-approval rate soared immediately after deploying Signifyd. And its fraud rate is now a fraction of a percent. Order review, a task that took an agent 10 to 15 minutes per order, is a thing of the past.

Just as important, by turning to Signifyd for fraud protection, FOREO is able to focus on its future, including a major customer-relationship-management (CRM) initiative.

Without a doubt, the company has legions of loyal customers. And FOREO employees are focused on keeping them satisfied and engaged. But it is equally important to attract new customers to FOREO by constantly improving on an excellent customer experience.

FOREO’s future: more innovation

With fraud and false decline concerns shifted to Signifyd, Busovaca has been able to concentrate on projects that are key to her global responsibilities for customer experience and customer care. Her mission is to take advantage of her combined responsibilities by gathering what she learns from customers as head of customer care and weaving it into the buying experience, which she oversees as head of customer experience.

In short, by eliminating chargebacks due to fraudulent orders, while increasing approved orders and speeding up ordering and fulfillment, Signifyd has allowed the FOREO team to focus on what they do best: developing innovative personal care devices and products while providing great customer service.

Download the full FOREO case study here.

Chris Martinez

Chris Martinez

Chris is a content strategist at Signifyd.