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Fearless Payments

Payments Optimization Platform

One platform built to maximize
payment conversions

Fearless Payments

Payments Optimization Platform

One platform built to maximize
payment conversions

Signifyd’s Payments Optimization Platform helps payment providers retain existing merchants and win new business by offering value added services beyond their existing offerings. Built to fearlessly authorize more payments and deliver decisions that are backed by a financial guarantee, the platform is underpinned by the largest enterprise network on the market to identify the shopper behind 98% of online purchases.

Automated Risk Decisioning

Fearlessly eliminate risk and reduce manual review

Automated Risk Decisioning evaluates the risk behind every order sent to payment providers for processing, leveraging identity and intelligence from the Signifyd Commerce Network to deliver instant recommendations. Using Signifyd’s real-time machine-learning, decisions are delivered automatically with unparalleled accuracy and speed – giving payment providers the confidence to reach higher conversion rates.

Authorization rate optimization

Influence auth rates with enhanced data

Authorization Rate Optimization significantly increases authorization rates through growing partnerships with Issuers and financial institutions — helping prevent payment failures before they happen.

Dynamic Exemption Management

Localized payments optimization

Dynamic Exemption Management helps Payment Providers boost conversion rates by seamlessly navigating PSD2 regulatory requirements for European merchants and reaching higher SCA thresholds, whilst understanding which orders are exempt and out of scope of being stepped up through 3DS.

Guaranteed Chargeback Protection

Liability shifted, payments optimized

Signifyd’s Guaranteed Chargeback Protection evaluates orders sent to payment providers for processing, and delivers instant decisions backed by a financial guarantee against fraud and non-fraud chargebacks on all approved orders. This effectively shifts the liability for chargeback losses away from merchants, allowing them to trust more shoppers and grow fearlessly while reducing risk.

Chargeback Recovery

Take charge of chargebacks

Chargeback recovery is the only automated payout chargeback service to give you peace of mind and control in enabling seamless reimbursement. 100% of loss is covered for guarantees, including chargeback amount, shipping fees and associated processor fees.

Modules providing transparency and control across the platform


Insights Reporting drills into transactional data across a merchant’s business, surfacing insights on performance health across segments such as geographies, product lines or payment methods. Build custom data visualization and reports to keep track of business performance for your merchants over time or complement existing business intelligence systems with data from Insight Reporting.


Access or integrate the Console into your own user interface to gain full visibility into order processing and decisioning. Dig into order details including summaries, recommendations and the corresponding source data to discover why a transaction was recommended to be approved or denied.

Decision Center

Gives you the ability to build policies unique to your merchants’ definition of abuse while automating processes at scale. Draw on insights from the Commerce Network and data specific to your merchant’s business to ensure policies effectively block consumer abuse without impacting customer experience.

Partner OS

Partner OS is a set of tools that allows you to easily onboard, configure and manage your merchants’ experience with the Signifyd offering. You can use self-serve UIs or directly code to our APIs to be integrated with your own internal systems.

Key benefits

Increase revenue

With the largest enterprise merchant network on the market, Signifyd can help grow your revenue and merchant retention through a 5-9% increase in approvals.

Retain and grow your merchant base

Whitelabel and resell value-added services for new revenue streams to expand your business and retain existing merchants.

Reduce operational costs and fees

Leverage Signifyd’s automated fraud decisioning and chargeback recovery tools to reduce operational costs and fees.

“As the global ecommerce market continues to grow and payments and checkout needs become more complex, merchants require more sophisticated solutions to optimize transaction acceptance while protecting commerce. We are continually impressed with Signifyd’s innovative approach to this market need and our partnership with them has helped us unlock better experiences for both our merchants and their shoppers.”

— Jim Johnson,
Head of Merchant Solutions,
Worldpay from FIS

We ensure every transaction matters so you can fearlessly authorize more payments